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APRIL 2001

April 2001 Cover Art Archive

Dubya Goes To School April 28, 2001
GW takes a trip to school to find out if our children is learning. by Art Bushwald

100 Days Of Hell April 28, 2001
It has only been 100 days since Bush took office, but it has seemed like years already. by Bradford Shaw

A Few Thoughts on the Economy April 28, 2001
Since they decided Bush would be president last Spring, it's been scam after scam. by Bill 1x1

Cincinnati is Still Smoldering April 27, 2001
In recent weeks we've become a symbol of what's wrong with race relations in America. by Jeff Ritchie

Bob Kerrey in the Crosshairs April 27, 2001
The Repugs are are at it again. Stepping on anyone who even resembles a Democratic candidate. by Jorge Root

Heavy Breathing In Circle City, Arizona April 26, 2001
I haven't been the same since the election and to make things worse, now another summer has arrived. by Jorge Root

The Horowitz Hypocrisy April 26, 2001
We've seen enough of David Horowitz to know he should not be taken seriously. by Suze

Confessions Of A New Radical April 25, 2001
The presidential selection is turning regular voters into activists. by Susan Reeves

A Free Pass For One Hundred Days April 25, 2001
Suppose Clinton had gone through the military disasters and accidents that Bush has faced in his first one hundred days. by Ken Alford

After Earth Day, Mother Nature Beckons Bush April 24, 2001
Shrub is scrambling to look like a friend of the Earth. by B.A.E.

What's So Great About Free Trade? April 24, 2001
One third of America's trade deficit is due to companies moving production overseas. by Lydia Leftcoast

Reporting Garbage April 23, 2001
The "liberal press" is missing the big picture. by Whyzayker

Compassion, Texas-Style April 21, 2001
How does Bush cope now that he has gone 100 days without killing anyone? by Ken Swann

The Threatened Exodus of Hollywood April 21, 2001
Hollywood, don't go! Stay here and make fun of Bush! by Kurt Kurowski

The Bush-Kennedy Connection April 21, 2001
A secret meeting with Dubya, Cheney, and Bush Sr. by TR

Great Minds Think Alike April 20, 2001
See what happens when Bush pits his wits against the Japanese Prime Minister. by Art Bushwald

Selection 2000... For Kids! April 19, 2001
Once upon a time, there was an election for president between two guys. by Whyzayker

Bush Politics: Straw Men And Scarecrows April 18, 2001
The Bush Team's glaring disinformation tactics are not an accident but a strategy. by Maren L. Hickton

The Honeymoon - A Letter To The 41st From The 43rd April 17, 2001
This letter sheds some light on what's really going on in the White House. intercepted by Linda Stout Deak

A Strong Leader For Tough Times? April 14, 2001
Unfortunately for our nation, and the free world, we appear to have a coward as Chief Executive. by Bradford Shaw

The Case For Reforming Public Education April 14, 2001
All Americans should be created equal. The necessary route is through educational reform. by Denis Kennedy

Not English? Bob Stump Not Interested April 14, 2001
Wake up Congressman Stump, this country is getting more and more diverse. by Rodney Jay C. Salinas

Take Back The Language April 13, 2001
Enough of the right wing absconding with the meanings of our words. by Geni Hawkins

YO! Congressional Democrats, We're Over Here! April 13, 2001
The left is coming together with breathtaking speed. It's never too soon to take advantage. by Susan Sigandres

The Dangers Of Creationism April 12, 2001
The fact is that hypotheses that cannot be tested have no place in science. by AjreinHA

High Plains Grifter April 12, 2001
He's been called a hero and an inspiration. Here's another title for Colin Powell: Grifter. by Corey A. Tyler

The SWAT Team On Mulberry Street April 11, 2001
More laws won't stop these incidents from occurring, but there may be other alternatives. by TygrBright

History Repeating Itself April 11, 2001
The China incident continues, but will we learn from past mistakes? by Astarho

Press Conference at Political Comedy Central April 10, 2001
No more formal press conferences for Bush. by Art Bushwald

Immediate Media Remediation April 10, 2001
Here's what's really wrong with TV news coverage and how it can be fixed. by Susan Sigandres

Hostages On Hold April 10, 2001
Where is the compassion for our military now? by Bill1x1

The Bush "Loyal Flush" April 9, 2001
Now the word loyalty makes me cringe. by Meg Gardner

Gore, Democrats, and Fighting the Republican Mentality April 6, 2001
We must not allow Republicans to define us. by Desiree

Reagan's Phony Tax Cut April 6, 2001
The working people and the middle class suffered most. by Ken Alford

Missing the Point April 5, 2001
We know that the Supreme Court aren't going to reverse their selection decision. That isn't the point. by Atrios

Truer Words Never Spoken April 5, 2001
An Indian walked into a bar... by Johnny_Red

Dubya, Now It's Personal April 4, 2001
I am living proof that George W. Bush's tax cut will hurt the workers of America. It's time to fight back. by Liz Peel

Jacksonian Democracy April 4, 2001
Recent events have indicated that democracy cannot be held up by the hands of the lazy. by Neuvocat

In Logo Parentis April 3, 2001
Should we let companies pay to have their names placed on public property? by Susan Sigandres

Flawed 'New Beginnings': The Bush Clue-print April 3, 2001
Insight into Bush's "Blueprint for New Beginnings." by Maren L. Hickton

Selective Advice April 3, 2001
If Mr. Bush is not listening to his moderate advisers then who is in charge? by Ken Alford

Hell in a Handbasket April 2, 2001
The most common battle cry of conservatives these days is that America has lost its moral compass. by KSU93

Home and Away - Two Opinions April 2, 2001
Two short-takes on the state of domestic and foreign affairs. by Ken Alford and Anlashok

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