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A Few Thoughts on the Economy
April 28, 2001
by Bill 1x1

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My opinion is that since last spring when they decided Shrub would be pResident, the first job was to carefully tank the economy in strategic parts of the country. They chose the pig, cow and corn states to put their thumbs on. The plausible deniability on fuel shortages which drove gas prices out of sight was designed to gather the sheep in these states and deliver them to Dumbya.

As you will remember Greenspan, being in Bush's debt, agreed to raise interest rates to stave off inflation. And the biggest indicator of inflation? Yes, fuel prices. By targeting the middle of the country, this raised the costs for food production for the midwestern farmers and ethanol producers.

Now with interest rate increases, the cost of short term borrowing naturally slowed down the east coast and west coast economies. The intended effect was to have some layoffs, and a small increase in cost of living, leading to inflation and justifying GWB's crazy tax cut.

After four rate hikes in interest rates and the continued lie about a broken pipeline to transfer fuel, a problem emerged. The stock market was tanking, inventories on fuel were high, and consumer confidence was falling faster than a drunk college freshman. With Clinton releasing some reserves which miraciously fixed the broken supply of fuel, costs to the midwest were falling. But the desired effect was to blame the Democrats for the $2.50 per gallon fuel prices, to instill the thought we needed to drill every square inch of America for oil (Cheney's oil company), while the coastal states were being slammed with higher interest payments - primarily on their credit cards.

So now GWB is elected, but the damage he wrought on the stock market was a disaster. Greenspan is now dropping interest rates, with a piss-poor excuse that he misread the signs of the economy. Well during the winter the next little sham, again all for a tax cut, was to suddenly squeeze California, who voted for Gore. So GWB said (like the soup nazi from seinfeld) "NO JUICE FOR YOU!"

I guess no one told GWB all the dotcoms were in California. Now their ability too borrow short term has been taken away, they have no power to operate, the stock market is tanking and GWB is running around talking about faith-based charity with government money. Hey George, hows about some heating bill charity, pal?

So Greenspan drops and drops and drops interest rates, alas, too late. For some inexplicable reason, the Clinton Economy survived, kinda like a bombing raid. We Americans suffered through an intense saturation bombing and when it was over, some buildings were gone, some friends were missing, but we survived the blitzkrieg of the spring and winter known as Herr Bush's new regime.

Here it is, Spring, and Herr Bush is gearing up again - fuel prices to punish the Midwest, a stock drop so severe that it will take years to recover, and now an energy crisis, a water crisis, an air crisis, a looming war crisis.

But wait, Herr Bush has an answer. Just cut all revenue to the government, and we will all be happy, and the gas will flow, the water will be purified, the air cleansed, the Chinese are our friends, the stock market will rise again... but if we dont do it now, Herr Bush will get angry, he will get mean, and he will show us what a real crisis is...WAR!

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