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A Free Pass For One Hundred Days
April 25, 2001
by Ken Alford

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What kind of "Commander-in-Chief" do we have in the White House? Suppose the last occupant had gone through the military disasters and accidents that this president has gone through in his first one hundred days. Would he have been criticized by the opposition party (Republican)? You bet your ass.

How would the press have reported the accident with a nuclear submarine playing games for civilian spectators on board and killing innocent Japanese children? How would this have played if it had happened under President Clinton? Is there really any doubt? The media would have joined the Republicans in questioning the competence of the Commander-in-Chief and his military advisors.

And how would they have reported on the Chinese capture of one of our intelligence planes? Would they have called the release of our military people with the loss of some of our most sophisticated intelligence a "victory" for our President? I doubt it.

And how many hours would we have had to listen to Rush Limbaugh and the right wing radio pawns of the Republican party tell us about Neville Chamberlain's "appeasement" and that "I'm sorry" really means "I'm sorry"? Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

And now, we have our own people shot down with the help of the CIA. A mother and her child are killed - just collateral damage in the "War on Drugs". How would this have been covered by our so-called "liberal" media? Would it have been dismissed as it is being done at this moment? Or would they have reported that it was all part of the continuing "persecution" of the Christians?

So we are told about how successful this President has been in his first one hundred days. I really don't mind them lying to me - just don't try to make me believe it. This "Commander-in-Chief " has been a total disaster. The only worse "disaster" has been the national media.

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