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Hostages On Hold
April 10, 2001
by Bill1x1

Well George, got yourself in a bit of a sticky wicket. While you sat around in your Johnny Carson suit and smirk on your face, 24 brave American military personnel were performing thier duty. A serious mishap, and in one harrowing move the Chinese had our personnel.

This while you're pulling a Reagan trying to stomp out salmonella protection for school children! I didn't expect much from you, as you were a deserter, but come on Mr. "I Love The Military" Bush, where is the compassion for our military POW's? You have Powell running around for eight days now saying we are in negotiations. Negotiations? Just what the hell are you negotiating?

Lets re-cap GOP negotiating when it comes to military men and women or American hostages. We have Nixon and Kissinger, who in thier infinite wisdom spent the better part of a year arguing over the shape of a GOD DAMN TABLE!!!! Now Lord knows the shape of a table makes all the difference in the world, never mind we are filling body bags and air cargo planes with those bodies while you have a pissin match over a friggin table.

So then we have the Iranian Hostages, those poor saps, humiliated daily, treated worse than a diseased cow, and we have Ronnie running at the mouth saying "If I'm elected by God I'm bringin those hostages home!" Sure Ronnie, at the same time ya got George Bush Sr. having meetings with Iran telling them to hold the hostages until Reagan wins the election, there's lots of military goodies for ya if you scratch our backs!

Sure enough, Ronnie is elected, hostages come home, and IRAN gets weapons, damn those Republicans are good at dealing with American lives!

Well then comes George Bush Sr. He has a Gulf War, was it to free humans from concentration camps? Was it to liberate a continent from the entrenched fist of a dictator? NOPE! It was for friggin OIL!!! His buddies' oil!! And the despot who started this crap, Bush leaves him alone, he may need him for another bump in the polls!

Now comes baby Bush and the POW's and our negotiations. Well I would like to think they are trying to get them back ASAP, but I'm more convinced he is telling them......WAIT TILL EASTER PLEASEEEEEEE. Then me and Fatwell and Robberson can have a White House Welcome Home, and all your families and bunnies and candy and easter eggs and a great big ole PHOTO-OP with the pretender in chief!!!!

Oh ya, and then we will court martial ya.


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