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Missing the Point
April 5, 2001
by Atrios

Barbra Streisand's memo ignited a predictable round of scorn from the talking heads. According to the latest RNC talking points fax, if there is anything worse than being a liberal it is being a Hollywood liberal. And, if there is anything worse than simply being a Hollywood liberal, it is being Barbra Streisand.

However, a few of them seemed to have actually read her memo. And, boy were they shocked. Chris Matthews switched into extra-sweating mode, which he usually only does when he can somehow manage to link the news of the day to yet another potential Clinton sex scandal. This was probably simply because he was imagining a Clinton scandal involving Bill and Babs.

However, the other thing which got him going was the suggestion that some Democrats out there still think that the Republicans may have stolen the election. Chris was absolutely incredulous about the notion such lunatics really existed. Hold on, I've left out the most disgusting part. I do not have a transcript, so I cannot promise that this is a precise quote, but this is the gist of it: "you mean that there are people out there other than the Congressional Black Caucus who actually believe that Bush stole the election?" Nice one, Chris. If you don't know why, I won't bother to explain it.

Following this revelation, it is a notion that has started to be addressed by the media. Not the facts or implications of the election theft of course, but the idea that there are left-wing nutcases out there who are still angry.

Yes, it is true, there are many people out there who believe this election was stolen by the Notorious Five. Yes, it is true that it isn't just African Americans and the Congressional Black Caucus members who believe this. Nor is it just the usual "loony left" - face it, they all voted for Nader.

In fact, plenty of noted constitutional scholars have signed a statement to this effect. Large numbers of average individuals who have not previously been politically interested or active have started to get involved. Even some wealthy Hollywood liberals. The pundits dismiss this with the standard "get over it" tone. And witnessing, for example, Margaret Carlson's take on this issue, I realize that they are missing the point.

Margaret is as liberal as they get on TV these days, which contrary to another RNC talking point, we know isn't saying much. However, her belief, which I've seen echoed elsewhere, is that all of us angry Dems who just can't get over it are focusing our energies on removing W. from office. Soon. Frustrated, she said that there just isn't anything we can do.

Margaret, we may be crazy but we are not stupid. We know that the Notorious Five are not going to reverse their selection decision. I mean, we wish. But that isn't the point. We're angry. We're active. We're trying to prevent W. from overturning our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity. We're trying to take back the Congress in 2002. We're tying to take what is rightfully Gore's, the White House, in 2004. We're trying to prevent an assault on individual freedoms and workers' rights which is already under way.

We're pissed. We're not going away. But we are not stupid, Ms. Carlson. Get a clue. We know there's nothing we can do to overturn this coup. Why do you think we're so angry?


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