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Home and Away - Two Opinions
April 02, 2001

Home by Ken Alford

Let's talk about class warfare. George W. Bush wants to cut taxes by $1.6 trillion dollars and give 40% of the benefits to the very wealthiest. But, you say, the people that pay the taxes should get most of the tax cut? That is only fair.

If that were the case, then the wealthiest would only be getting about 20% of the tax cut, because that is what they have paid into the present surplus. So why do they deserve to receive 20 % more than they have paid in?

The truth is, they don't. The majority of the surplus has been created by the taxes of the working middle class and the lower working classes that have paid FICA taxes into the Social Security System. It is a disgrace that the media of this country is allowing this charade to continue.

The Democrats want to give each person a $300 tax rebate and each couple $600. Cheapskates that they are, this would amount to about $60 billion of the current surplus. Surely they can do better than that?

However, Mr. Bush and his Republican cohorts argue that this is no way for "trickle down" economics to work. We have to give the tax breaks to those that will invest and create jobs. It just doesn't make sense to give this money to working people.

Why, that is just plain Un-American.


Away by Anlashok

I predict that the United States will be in a shooting war in 2004. I believe that Shrub is going to force our country into a conflict to boost his personal approval ratings. I think Shrub believes that the U.S. military forces can defeat any opponent in the world today, and that the loss of life by our military forces would be a small price to pay for his personal power plays.

To prepare for this eventuality, Shrub has broken off talks with North Korea, ejected Russian diplomats, and attacked Iraq. He speaks of "Rogue Nations" as terrible threats to bolster his ridiculous anti-missile defense system, which violates our European treaties. No action is being taken to further the Israeli-Arab peace talks, despite the escalation in hostilities there.

Sadly for Shrub, this tactic failed miserably for his Pappy. Sadly for us, his scattershot tactics will lead to hostilities from all sides. Sure, our forces could defeat the North Korean Forces, the Iraqi forces, possibly the Russian forces, and maybe the Chinese forces.

But can we defeat all of them at once? I doubt it, especially without the support of our allies, whom Shrub is alienating with his missile defense system and refusal to support agreed upon environmental policies. The mightiest elephant will be destroyed by a horde of army ants, no matter how successfully it stamps on some of them.

Shrub continues his policies of spurning olive branches and making enemies of our allies, trying to bring forth more isolationist paranoia. He points to the threat of "Rogue Nations," but he has become the United States' worst enemy.

His tactics of union busting and scapegoating other nations closely parallels Hitler's taking control of Germany in the '30s. That's no surprise with his grandfather and great-grandfather laundering money for the Nazis until shut down by the government in 1942.

I'm sure that they learned a lot from their clients, and those lessons have certainly been passed down to Shrub.


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