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MARCH 2001

March 2001 Cover Art Archive

The Mouthpiece March 31, 2001
Only ten weeks in, Ari and George's act is growing stagnant and stale. by Jerry Fees

Ritemore Bull on the Liberal Media March 31, 2001
Our correspondent interviews the news editor of the Daily Double-Standard. by Art Bushwald

The United Status of America March 31, 2001
At last, an explanation of Scalia's legal theory that makes sense! by Susan Sigandres

Ralph Nader Was Half Right March 30, 2001
Does he still see no difference between Bush and Gore? by Bradford Shaw

The Antithesis of Compassion March 30, 2001
Mr. Bush: Get in touch with reality. You are sputtering. by Maren L. Hickton

Back to the Cold War? March 29, 2001
Bush plans to spur the flagging economy by re-introducing the military-industrial complex. by Johnny_Red

White House Press Release March 28, 2001
This new press release sheds some light on Bush's plans for the country. intercepted by EarlG

Bush's Misdirected Energy March 28, 2001
It's our responsibilty to work towards a better environment. by Maren L. Hickton

Hey Joe Six-pack, Are You Feeling Deserted Yet? March 27, 2001
Bush campaigned as a candidate for the regular guy. Shame he's a president for Big Business. by Bradford Shaw

The Liberal Media: Covering The Important Stories That Are Vital To Our National Security And Economic Well-Being March 26, 2001
It would seem that nothing the new president does is considered newsworthy. by Lane Blake

Of Tax Cuts and Cheese Doodles March 26, 2001
Bush’s flip-flopping tax cut pitches are bad tidings for Fox News and the left. by Donna McCray

Held Up At The Pearly Gates March 24, 2001
The Five conservative Supremes all arrive at the gates of heaven at the same time. by Art Bushwald

Bush's Three Part Agenda March 24, 2001
Every president has an agenda to execute. by Lane Blake

Daddy Has No Clothes March 24, 2001
Bush "governs" like an iron-fisted, fifties throwback. by Meg Gardner

Who is the Real Failed President? March 23, 2001
The Bush presidency was failing before it even began, and it's not getting any better. by Bradford Shaw

Deep Political Thoughts March 22, 2001
Ramblings from the peninsula. by A. Michiganian

Escaping the Echo Chamber March 22, 2001
Aren't you sick of conservative euphemisms like "faith-based initiatives"? by Susan Sigandres

An Army Of One March 22, 2001
Dubya truly distinguished himself protecting the skies of Texas from the red menace. by Lane Blake

Rush Limbaugh's Six Steps To Defeat A Liberal March 21, 2001
Folks, those pesky liberals just don't know when to quit, do they? by Neuvocat

Bush Messed With Texas, U.S. Is Next March 21, 2001
Texas used to enjoy a nice surplus. Then came Bush's tax cut for the rich. by Katrina Brown

Stay Active, End the Nightmare March 20, 2001
The tide will turn. A new president can only deflect attention from his own failings for a finite period of time. by EarlG

What's The Commission On $1.6 Trillion? March 20, 2001
If George W. actually had to work for a living, he'd have made one hell of a salesman. by Jerry Fees

Welcome to Bush's Brave New World March 20, 2001
Huxley's vision has emerged in the Bush Administration. by Bradford Shaw

Why Are You Still Sitting On Your Ass? March 19, 2001
We must take back both Houses in the coming election of 2002. by Art Richardson

Right From Wrong March 19, 2001
Just what do you think all of us parents are doing out here, George? by Whyzayker

The Wizard of 2001 March 17, 2001
If L. Frank Baum and George Orwell collaborated... by Art Bushwald

The Next Military Action March 17, 2001
Is America spinning out of control? by Kali

Insuring America's Financial Future March 17, 2001
Throwing away America's insurance policy is not worth the risk. by Maren L. Hickton

Could Even a Strong Democratic Leader Get Us Out of This? March 17, 2001
Watching a national nightmare unfold. by Billie H.

Electoral Baseball March 16, 2001
The Founding Fathers may not have liked the rules of baseball. So here are some new ones. by Derek Teaney

No Thank You, I'm a Democrat! March 16, 2001
The Republicans practice 'Divide and Conquer', and we fall for it every time. by Bill 1x1

Is This the Beginning of a Bush Pattern? March 15, 2001
They're marketing your freedom, your country, and getting a tax cut to boot. by Bradford Shaw

The Supremos - Episode 2 March 14, 2001
Justice Supremo comes face to face with the media, meanwhile trouble is brewing in chambers. by The Shifties

The Chickens Always Come Home March 14, 2001
Conservatives can no longer simply 'talk the talk'. by Jerry Fees

And Justice For None March 14, 2001
To my fellow Democrats who are mad about having their vote stolen. by Linda

The Case For War In 2004 March 13, 2001
How will Bush counter his many detractors? by Meg Gardner

Fighting Digital Division March 13, 2001
A guide to promoting liberal ideals through message boards. by Jack Tenhet

2001: A Space Cadet March 12, 2001
Besides the election, Bush is stealing our future in space. by Mark J. Mitchell

Time To Fight Back March 10, 2001
We have absolutely nothing to gain from turning the other cheek. by Jerry Fees

An Open Letter To The News Media March 10, 2001
A copy of the letter Neuvocat sent to major news organizations. by Neuvocat

The Resident's Roadshow March 9, 2001
George W. has proven himself to be far more of a divider than a uniter. by Maren L. Hickton

The Rights Of The Right March 9, 2001
This is America buddy! We have rights! by mukraken

It Can't Happen Here March 9, 2001
Afghanistan is destroying its national monuments. Could we do the same? by Astarho

Get Out Of Joe Lieberman's House, Now! March 8, 2001
Why Dick Cheney should resign. by Dave Chandler

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid March 8, 2001
The single defining event of the Clinton years was to out a group of shrill hatemongers. by Susanne

Conservative 'Christians' March 8, 2001
Christianity means adhering to the teachings of Christ. Got that? by Whyzayker

Democratic Rage Maintenance Program March 7, 2001
Can we sustain our anger and energy as a strong, invigorated Democratic party? by Bradford Shaw

Bombing Iraq To Keep Oil Prices High March 7, 2001
If only there were a crisis to help jack up the cost of crude! by Kkeg

Bush's Military Disservice March 7, 2001
Even if Bush had actually served his time in the National Guard he would still have a checkered military background. by T. Morgan Snow

They Will Not Be Forgiven March 6, 2001
The Democratic party in its cowardice is constantly looking for a savior. by Atrios

The Ultimate Sacrifice? March 6, 2001
We can hit Bush and his buddies where it hurts the most - but there's a catch. by Lydia Leftcoast

Ralph Nader: The Anti-Hero's Anti-Hero March 6, 2001
Has Nader ruined our country just for his own ego? by Bradford Shaw

Dan Burton's Prime Time Special March 6, 2001
Just when it was getting interesting, the nation changed the channel. by Ken Alford

The $1.6 Trillion Pyramid March 3, 2001
If these tax cuts are passed in their present form, it would be disastrous to our economy. by Maren L. Hickton

'W' Is For 'Wisdom' March 3, 2001
Dubya can teach us valuable lessons. by Nick Albertson

I'm Very, Very Angry March 3, 2001
Nothing changes that the fact that the president is illegitimate. Nothing. NOTHING! by Se7en

McAuliffe Is The Man For The Job March 2, 2001
Now we have the opportunity to attack instead of defend. by Jerry Fees

We Are A Sleeping Giant March 2, 2001
Democrats are a much more powerful force than even we ourselves realize. by Neuvocat

See No Truth, Hear No Truth, Speak No Truth March 1, 2001
The "news" media has abrogated its responsibility to the truth. by Anlashok

George Jr.'s First Letter From Camp March 1, 2001
Stupid conservatives think this is real! How dumb can you be?!

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