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The Liberal Media: Covering The Important Stories That Are Vital To Our National Security And Economic Well-Being
March 27, 2001
By Lane Blake

Our new president and his trainers have been busy these past few weeks. Aside from uniting the nation, and the monumental task of restoring honor and dignity to the White House, they've had some other matters to attend to. Of course you wouldn't know it by watching the news or reading most papers. It seems nothing the new president does is considered newsworthy.

The liberal media has been busy reporting every unfounded allegation against the last person who was actually elected to the presidency. Meanwhile George "I've only been arrested three times" Bush and his boss Dick "one more for the road" Cheney are able to conduct their business in relative obscurity. The liberal media has been ever vigilant in covering the important stories that are vital to our national security and economic well-being, such as where Bill Clinton plays golf, Hillary's new hairstyle, and, of course, the first and only controversial pardons any president has ever granted.

It's only understandable that they've been somewhat lax in their reporting of the less interesting stories. For instance, it seems that the half-a-dozen real Democrats in Washington (along with such noted left-wing radicals as Bill Gates Sr., and Warren Buffet) have taken it upon themselves to engage in class warfare.

These people think that giving the wealthiest 1% of the people 43% of the tax cut is unfair. They may have a case because the 1-percenters currently pay 21% of the taxes. However, they also have 80% of the money, so while doubling their deserved tax cut might on the surface seem to have some inequities, if you look deeper you'll clearly see that it is more than fair. I'm not quite sure why it's fair, but when a man as immersed in honor and integrity as George Bush says so that's good enough for me.

Another one of their pet peeves is the estate tax, aka the "death tax." They claim that eliminating this tax would have an adverse effect on charitable donations and that it would add to the already huge chasm between the haves and have-nots. Apparently they weren't listening when such pillars of truth as Bob Novak, Rush Limbaugh, and George Will stated that the super-wealthy don't give to charities in an effort to avoid taxes but rather out of a deep rooted sense of compassion.

This compassion is seen in other aspects of their lives as well. Many of the much maligned 1-percenters go out of their way to open factories and textile mills in far off regions of the world where people would otherwise not have an opportunity to work for thirty cents an hour. While thirty cents doesn't sound like a lot to us it's thirty cents more than they would have had, and because they have to work fourteen hours a day it really starts to add up.

Until they have the cost of company-supplied room and board deducted and then it's more like thirteen cents an hour, but still it's slightly better than nothing.

They always make sure that their employees have state-of-the-art safety equipment available too, as long as they reimburse the company for it. If they choose to squander their $12.74 pay check rather than buy the safety equipment, well whose fault is that?

As if providing economic development to these third world regions weren't enough there's also the intangible benefits that are garnered. For instance - the pride that you feel after a hard day's work, the sense of being part of a team and knowing that the shoes you made might help win an NBA championship, and most importantly because the philanthropists do not discriminate against children in their hiring practices. Twelve-year-olds in Columbia and Guatemala have a demonstratively stronger work ethic than their American counterparts.

As for the American chasm between the rich and the rest, well, I think George Will said it best: "Compared to people in Calcutta the poor in America have it pretty good." So while we lag far behind most industrialized nations in helping people escape poverty we're still better than India. At least we've got that going for us.

Besides trying to get a hugely lopsided tax plan pushed through, the Diabolical Duo have done a few other favors for their friends. Last week President Bush signed an executive order outlawing project labor agreements on any construction that is even partially federally funded. This of course insures that union contractors can't bid competitively on the work. So Brown and Root, the worlds largest non-union construction company (which is a subsidiary of Halliburton Inc.) will be able to aquire the lion's share of federal civilian construction projects. They already have a large percentage of military construction thanks to former Secretary of Defense Cheney.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Halliburton Inc., that's the company Dick Cheney worked for as CEO until last July when he quit and was awarded a $34 million severance package. I'm sure there was no quid pro quo involved or the liberal media would have told us about it, and Dan Burton would be holding hearings already.

Finally, of course, there's the little joyride that some of Bush's oil buddies and Republican donors took on a submarine, accidentally killing some kids. For some reason the media doesn't seem to care much about that either, but I'm sure if it had been Bill Clinton's friends at the helm the liberal media would have given him a pass too.


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