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Of Tax Cuts and Cheese Doodles
March 27, 2001
By Donna McCray

I am confused by Bush’s approach to pitching his $1.6 trillion tax cut for the rich. During the campaign, he said the country’s unprecedented economic growth and the expected humongous surpluses made his tax cut more than reasonable. Next, it was the opposite. Because we are on “the front edge of a recession,” the tax cut is vital as an economic stimulus. Then, stories about alarming consumer debt levels hit the press so Bush said we need his tax cut to pay down our credit cards.

Here’s my question: if it suddenly became known that Americans have stopped buying Cheese Doodles, would Bush use this as justification for his tax cut on the grounds that hard working people have a right to buy junk food? One can safely assume it would make sense to whoever is plotting Bush’s tax cut sales routine.

Everybody knows that Bush’s tax cut is designed to help him (a) best Reagan’s efforts to dismantle the federal government, and (b) pay back the corporate executives who financed his installation. Why doesn’t he just say so and be done with it?

But this tax cut two-stepping is different from the regime’s usual nonsensical game playing. In fact, it indicates something extremely frightening. The sequence of Bush’s tax cut excuses actually reflect what’s going on in the country, they're connected to reality, if ambivalently. And this can only mean one thing:

Someone in the White House compound is getting their news from someplace other than Fox. This is a matter of grave concern.

I’m not saying there are a whole bunch of credible news sources in our nation. Our “news” media is a corporate-owned right-wing disgrace. But Fox is special because it’s the very worst and it’s the junta’s very favorite. Think about it – of all the rotten news outlets in the US, we want the coup crew getting every bit of its news from Rupy Murdoch’s waste of channel space.

The longer the junta watches Fox, the farther away they get from real Americans, most of whom have no time or inclination to watch a bunch of rabid right lunatics spewing and raving about things that don’t mean much in their lives. And if people do have down time, there are too many other channels offering better entertainment options.

I have no doubt that Fox is euphorically pitching Bush’s tax cut for the rich as the best thing to happen to this country since Reagan chose James Watt as Interior Secretary. But I am afraid that the general public’s skepticism is seeping into coverage by other so-called news outlets because of the negotiating going on in the Senate. Seems Bush ain’t gettin’ $1.6 trillion so fast. And he ain’t gettin’ sich a blatant weighting toward the rich so fast, either. So, just days ago, Bush started backing off his adamant stand – we aren’t hearing his “$1.6 trillion is exactly right” mantra anymore.

This is a shame. It would have been so exciting, so gratifying, so thrilling if Bush kept insisting on $1.6 trillion and then gotten his bacon burned by the Senate. Oh well. No doubt Fox will bring down whatever informative quality may remain at the other corporate-owned "news" outfits. And we on the left better get about our business - gearing up to deny Bush’s inevitable claim that the tax cut is a victory for him, much less for average Americans. The few hundred bucks we average Americans will see from this tax cut might not be enough to pay down our credit cards, but it’ll help keep us in Cheese Doodles.


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