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An Army Of One
March 22, 2001
By Lane Blake

Where is the outrage from the super-patriots? You know, the ones who had to be sedated every time Bill Clinton addressed any military unit. They couldn't stand the fact that a draft-dodger was the Commander in Chief.

Yet the undisputed king of draft-dodgers was in West Virginia the other day to address a National Guard unit. Yes, Dubya truly did distinguish himself while protecting the skies of Texas from the red menace.

Even though he was only trained to fly an outdated and obsolete plane that wasn't used in combat (F-102 Delta Dagger), even though he seldom showed up for duty and had his flight-ready status revoked for refusing to take a drug test, just knowing that the Flying Dubya may or may not be in the air was enough to keep the North Vietnamese from ever going through with any invasion plans they might have had for Texas.

As soon as Texas was safe for democracy Dubya was granted a transfer to a postal unit in Alabama. The transfer was later overruled because the unit (9921st Air Reserve Squadron) had no planes and no regularly scheduled drills.

Dubya however would not be deterred. He was determined to protect the Confederacy so he applied for, and was granted, a transfer to the 187th Tactical Recon Unit in Georgia. And though, according to base commander General William Turnipseed, Lt. Bush never reported for duty, just knowing that he might was enough of a threat to keep the V.C. at bay.

From May of 1972 to May of 1973 no-one seems to know where Dubya was or what he was doing. He himself doesn't even recall. We may never know what he was doing during these twelve months.

But if you check the historical record you'll see that the state of Florida was never attacked during this time. Coincidence? I think not!

George W. Bush. Truly an army of one.


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