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Bush Messed with Texas, U.S. is Next
March 21, 2000
by Katrina Brown

No-one denies that Texas is a mess. But what people don't know is that at one time Texas enjoyed a nice surplus. The people of Texas wanted their surplus to go for things like eduction, medicare and other responsible things, but instead Bush decided to give Texas a huge tax cut for the rich. As a result of that, the people have enjoyed higher property taxes, and a few other new taxes such as being taxed to go to the tanning booths.

Another thing Texas has enjoyed thanks to Bush's large tax cut for the rich is a bankrupt state. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I found another interesting piece of information: The top 5% in Texas control over 50% of Texas's money. The rich gained this control through the 'tax cut'.

The people of Texas are forced to live with a minimum wage of $3.35 an hour (Bush also refused federal money to help bring that wage up). 60% of Texan families are making less money than they did in the 70's. If I am not mistaken, this sounds like class warfare to me. All thanks to Bushes tax cut for the rich.

Now Bush wants to give all of America the same tax cut. This is an outrage. How can people be so blind? The GOP does not want the people to have control - the rich lose too much money that way. Wake up America!

Responsible things Bushes tax cut to JUST the top 1% would pay for:

  • Pay almost two million teachers' salaries for 10 years:
  • Increase the federal Pell Grant budget 88-fold or multiply federal student loans 18 times.
  • Multiply federal funding for class size reduction 193 times.
  • Pay for pre-school for all of the nation's four-year-olds almost eight times over (based on a cost estimate by the Brookings Institution's Isabel Sawhil)l:
  • Multiply federal spending on school renovation by 59 times (compared to the estimate for 2001).
  • Pay two million police officers' salaries for 10 years.
  • Multiply federal spending on substance abuse and mental health services 29 times.
  • Quadruple the National Institutes of Health's budget or increase funding for the National Cancer Institute 234-fold.
  • Fully fund a comprehensive Medicare prescription drug benefit for senior citizens - with $36 billion left over.
  • More than double Bush's tax cut for the bottom 80 percent of Americans.
  • Triple funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor and the child tax credit put together.
  • Almost quadruple federal spending on welfare, child care, and child support enforcement.
  • More than quadruple federal housing assistance.
  • Multiply spending on the supplemental food program WIC 19 times or almost quadruple the federal food stamps budget.
  • Increase international food aid 97-fold.
  • Double federal spending on mass transit, highways, and aviation.
  • Triple the total expenditures on natural resources, pollution control, and Superfund cleanup.
  • Quadruple federal expenditures on farm income stabilization.

Wouldn't investing in any one of these be truly investing in America? Why are we subsidizing the already rich?

Contact your local senator, tell them to "just say no" to Bush's tax cut to the rich:


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