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Why Are You Still Sitting On Your Ass?
March 19, 2001
By Art Richardson

The theft of the election on Nov. 7 by the Bush brothers has given the Republicans control of the White House and both branches of congress. They feel like they can do anything with impunity. Look at the rush to a pro-business stance over a more consumer oriented stance that the Clinton administration delivered. The loss of ergonomic protections, rewriting the bankruptcy laws to favor the irresponsible credit card industry and the abandonment of the commitment to reducing the CO2 emissions to payoff the coal industry and ENRON, a major contributor to the Bush campaign.

We can look forward too much, much more of this nonsense during the Bush years. How many is that? Well, that's up to you! There are many more Democratic registered voters than Republican registered voters. However, we must get more people actively involved. That's where you come in.

If you are reading this, you must be at the Democratic Underground web site. The fact that you took the time to find a site such as this indicates to me that you are angry and are looking for some way to express this anger. You resent that fact that the election was stolen from President Gore by the Bush brothers and the duplicitous Supreme Court. You realize that from time to time that the blood of patriots must be spilled in the name of democracy (metaphorically speaking - I am not advocating in any way, shape or form violence against any elected official, public person or any other citizen of the United States).

You must be willing to do something. What something? Again, that is up to you.

1) Donate money or time to your local Democratic Party. Participate in voter registration sign-ups. Walk door to door and campaign for your favorite Democratic candidate. Pass out campaign materials. Help your friends become registered Democrats, try to convert one Republican a month to re-register as a Democrat.

2) Write a letter to your congressperson, local elected official or newspaper. There are plenty of issues to write to your local newspaper about. Be polite and try several drafts of the letter until you feel that you have said what you wanted to say. Write a letter to your congressperson and let them know your opinions. Better still, on really important votes, call him or her. They will probably have a staffer marking the yea's and nay's. Supposedly, your representative is there representing YOU - let them know that - and let them know your opinion.

3) When Bush comes to your town, greet him with a protest sign. We still have the right to protest (for now). Let the news media that follows Bush around know that there are people that are passionate about how the election was stolen. There are good thing that you can put on your sign, use your imagination. The more creative your sign is, the better the chance that your sign will be shown by the media.

This country was defended by men and women that gave their LIVES to keep this country free. We cannot let it go with out a fight or through apathy. We must take back both Houses in the coming election of 2002.


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