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Right from Wrong
March 19, 2001
By Whyzayker

"When parents teach their children right from wrong... America will be a better place."
- Dubya in response to the shootings in Santee, Ca. 3/5/01

If you were watching TV that Monday then you must have heard Bush insult every parent in America with this unscripted response (there's a no-no, Karl) to the shootings at Santana High School. Parents need to teach their children right from wrong! George W., you sanctimonious S.O.B., how dare you! Where do you get off?

I'm sorry, I've been told by friends and family that maybe I should tone down the hostility in my writing but damnit, I had to wait a week before I could even start writing this one. How dare you! Just whose daughter was it who spent our tax dollars in Secret Service expenditures to not only bail out but drive her drunk boyfriend home a few weekends ago? Yes George, we all know about that. Just because it doesn't appear on Fox doesn't mean we don't know or it didn't happen. Just because your people took her "plastered portrait" off the Internet please don't think you got away with anything!

Gee whiz, Jr. why are you preaching to us when you have your own dirty laundry?. And just because the Supremes picked you out, don't you ever think you're above reproach or that we won't find out your dirt. We'll give you the same amount of respect your Republican vermin gave Bill over the last 8 years.

I've been trying very hard to keep my temper but you're not making it easy. In the short time you've inhabited the office, you've screwed women, working people, people hitting hard times (the "bankruptcy thing", as Poppy would call it) masturbated the rich with your tax cut plan, ignored the danger of greenhouse gases, and I would bet that there are a couple of Japanese sleeping with the fishes so you could give some of your buddies a thrill on a sub. Not that we'll ever know for sure. Just be glad you're not Bill or Dan Burton would be on your privileged butt.

Just what do you think all of us parents are doing out here? We all teach our kids not to lie, cheat and steal. Where were you when your parents were teaching those lessons? They did teach you kids that lesson, didn't they? How dare you preach to any parent! How dare you preach... period! Where is all that compassion you used to talk about? None of us have seen any evidence of that word since you were appointed. All you've done is act like you have some kind of mandate when you don't! You've insulted every parent in America, even the ones who supported you!

Okay, this qualifies as a rant. I was angry in December when the Supremes broke the law, I was angry January 20th when all the major news networks had their talking heads gabbing every time there was booing along the charade route (needless to say, they had to talk a lot). I mean, I had to go to C-Span to hear what was really going on.

Now I have to spend the next four years listening to concrete proof that you are not only a puppet of a magnitude that would put Reagan to shame, but that your cranium is a vacant lot when it comes to anything that isn't written down for you on a 3x5 card. Reagan would be so proud.

Where is all that "reaching across party lines" you bulled the minority of voters about? Where is all that concern for the people and the environment you suckered a few people into believing? How do people like you sleep at night?

This may or may not be my final rant. If you insist on making asinine remarks like you did that Monday, then it probably won't be. And I know there's no way we're gonna get you out of where you don't belong. But we will dog you every step of the way. The same Internet that you made another idiot remark about during the campaign (remember the "www" speeches?) is the only place where the truth seems to be allowed, much less pursued.

And we will find it. And we will tell everybody who'll listen. And just one more thing, George - stop lecturing us. Especially us parents. Because you keep forgetting that we're much, much smarter than you.


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