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The Next Military Action
March 17, 2001
by Kali

As anyone who has visited the DU forum knows by now, I've been doing research into our "shadow government". It is an enlightening experience to say the least. I will not pretend that this is the first time I have been disappointed at what I've found. I will not pretend that I hadn't suspected something like this for a very long time. I will not pretend that I have the answer to this problem.

I'm trying to back-track this information to see where it all started. The best, closest date I can give you for the death of our country is 1947 (I'm trying to avoid the possibility that it has been a lie from the very beginning).

I believe that for whatever financial/political reasons we entered WWII, the ultimate action was an honorable one in the fact that genocide was occurring. Genocide is a crime against humanity, and our actions ultimately stopped that particular Nazi activity for a time. We like to comfort ourselves with the idea that we stopped it for all time.

But that is a lie. I'm looking at some of the activities of this country since that time and it makes me feel ashamed at the things that have been done in the name of freedom. I am a veteran, I have family members that are veterans and friends too, of course. Many of them have served in combat. I wish I could say that all of the times they have been sent to fight, it has been for honorable causes, but that again would be a lie.

Ultimately the motives for our military activities since WWII have been either drugs or oil, or both. Our military has been used for a long time to advance the intentions of profiteers. We have been guilty of every crime against humanity we have condemned other governments for committing. We have pretended to be the world's "policeman". In fact, we are more like a narcotics agent on the "take". It is no wonder that the name of our country is equated to whatever evil entity the religions of other nations equate to our "Satan".

Don't get me wrong, I'm not accusing the soldiers themselves. Their sacrifices for the most part have indeed been made in the name of patriotism, but it is patriotism that has been manipulated in the hands of a few. The people who are guilty of this manipulation like to refer to any questions regarding their motives as "class warfare" - this is also a tool designed to prevent the questions from getting answered.

I choose to use the date 1947 because it is the year that changed everything about how our government works. It is the year that the Central Intelligence Agency was formed. It is the year that so many of our Presidential Executive Orders involved the formation of secret organizations within the government that would conduct activities that were initially designed to be kept secret from the people of this country. Oddly enough it is also the year that the Roswell crash "supposedly" took place, which I see as just another manipulation. I do not for one minute believe that Roswell was the defining moment, that all these organizations were formed to counter "aliens".

Unless of course, we are the aliens. This is a cover story, plain and simple. A lie that has taken on a life of its own and created a culture of its own. There is a good outcome - most of the people who believe in Roswell don't trust the government.

I see it as overly convenient that the same names keep coming up in connection with Roswell and with these "intelligence" activities. I have to hand it to them. Knowing that some information would eventually be leaked to the public, they did plan ahead to try to make themselves look like patriots. I guess they were thinking about their political legacies.

I wasn't born in 1947, but I imagine it was all too easy to frighten a bunch of people into believing the story. It was probably just as easy to frighten a President. "Here, sign these freedoms away. Create these entities to combat the aliens. The public doesn't need to know. It will only frighten them. It will be like a secret army that is waging a war against an unknown, super-intelligent enemy. We must be prepared." After WWII, I'm sure that was an easy argument to make.

Well, they got their secret organizations. We have more intelligence agencies than we can name. They access more money than we can possibly imagine. When the money the government gives them is not enough, they can always get more through illegal drug dealings. We have created monsters within our own country.

We have allowed this to happen. We have overthrown governments, killed our "enemies" and become the most feared nation on earth. Job well done. What happens though when there is no enemy left to fight? Do we think for a second that those organizations are going to just pack up and go home? No, they now have time to turn their skills on us. And we should all be very afraid right now. The technologies that were supposedly created for the sole purpose of spying on enemies are being used against us as well. We have a "President" that was not elected. We have a government that is running out of control.

Stolen elections, fraud, illegal activities and treason are commonplace. Our "rights" have disappeared. The next military action most likely will be against "us".


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