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No Thank You, I'm a DEMOCRAT!
March 16, 2001
by Bill 1x1

WAAAAAAA! The Democrats are this, the Democrats are that, they'd better do this, they'd better do that! Talk about crybabies, just what the hell do you want them to do, lock and load?

"Well, if they dont (fill in your complaint here) then I'm never voting for them again, I'm going to vote Libertarian or I'm going to vote Green!" Cut me a large piece of your pity pie so I can hit you straight in the kisser with it!

Talk about playing into the hands of the Republicans. Sure they want you to cut off your nose to spite your face, every vote for the 2nd and 3rd Republican parties (Libertarian and Green) is one less for a Democrat. That big eared idiot (a True Republican) sold you all the bill of goods, but he instructed the Republicans on how to succeed. Divide and conquer, and its working like a Swiss watch. Hell, they even have some of you so-called Democrats saying Clinton should play that damn "I'm sorry" crap again!

Politics is a GAME, a game of power and control. I have yet to hear anyone wonder why Perot allowed that other arm of the Republican Party, the Reformers, let a confirmed racist and nazi lover like Buchanan, not only get control of his reform party, but without even a fight. Even Ventura tucked his tail between his legs and ran squealing like a pig.

Despite all the efforts of the Republicans and their support for the three splinter Republican parties we Democrats have increased our presence in Congress, we are a force in the Senate, and boy am I tired of the "I'm going to vote for anyone but a Democrat!"

Well tomorrow morning go change your political affiliation to Republican, because you have been brain washed and and ya weren't even kissed! Go ahead, screw education, to hell with health care, make Mondays bring a gun to school day, hold up a piece of white paper and say the closer your color is to this, the more I care, get out that telescope and get a good look into the bedroom of your neighbor, Jesus knows it's your business!

Screw working wages, God forbid the corporations only make $100,000,000,000,000 this year, and for Christ's sake lower the taxes on these poor corporations, and the three people who own 75% of those corporations.

Sign up today - be a RepublicanLibertarianGreeniean political supporter. Get into your straight lines, keep your damn mouth shut, because Rush will tell you what to think, Falwell will tell you when to think and Robertson will tell you how to think.

As for me, NO THANK YOU, I'm a DEMOCRAT, and I'm proud to be a Democrat. So we had an election stolen - so what? We will get it back. The only way we wouldn't (and, by the way - the way we lost it) is sucking up to these fringe Republican parties who suck the wind from the Democratic sails. The Republicans will eat their own to keep the power, and they will smile while they stab you in the back, after they take your job, your house, your car, and your dignity.


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