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Is This the Beginning of a Bush Pattern?
March 15, 2001
by Bradford Shaw

Is this the beginning of a Bush Pattern?

It's the biggest payoff for the rich in a long time, and it looks like Shrub's tax cut could be an annual thing. As hard as it is to believe, the Republicans seem to be so full of confidence after their narrow semi-partisan win in congress, that they anticipate extending the President's plan on a yearly basis.

As he tours the country in search of approval for his ghastly tax program which appears to be tailored to his fat-cat friends, we find ourselves in yet another quandrary. Could it be possible that he hopes to pay off the old money that financed his campaign every year of his tenure in office? Will the richest people in this country benefit on an escalating upward scale for at least the next four years?

History, current trends, and direct statements from leading conservative leaders seem to lend credence to this concept. On the March 8th edition of Crossfire on CNN, Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum stated that "the way economic trends are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we have another tax cut next year."

His argument was that we needed to initiate Shrubs tax plan immediately, even before we have a budget. As tempting as this sounds to the richest 10 % of the country, the balance of the citizenry wonder why the Republican leadership is so completely behind this greedy plan. Could it be that it serves as a double reward for the conservatives and Shrub?

First they get to keep the thing that they love the most, more of their tax money. Second, their hand picked, yet totally illegitimate President gets to claim a victory, and even worse, some small margin of effectiveness as a civic leader. Most responsible economists agree that measured tax cuts keyed to surplus revenues would be the logical, intelligent and most effective plan for our immediate fiscal future.

Unfortunately for Shrub, there are just way too many big words in that whole concept for him to wrap his rather small intellect around. If you had spent your important college study time whooping in up with the locals, trying to forget your uptight, closed off family, hiring surrogates to take tests or copy notes instead of actually seeking out the education that might help you with those big words in speeches someday, you might have problems with multi-syllabic phrases too.

No, this tax plan that might get trotted out annually is strictly a shallow attempt to foster admiration from the Wall Street crowd, and perhaps secure funding for the 2004 race. As our country's millionaires begin to realize the fabulous windfall that Shrub has planned to fall in their laps, they will no doubt want to consume more, thus ensuring that new, more expensive, and perhaps useless consumer goods and technology are also thrust down the throat of the average American family.

This will spur a small growth period in our economy, and Shrub will look somewhat intelligent and forward thinking to the day traders and on-line investors who will have more money to play with. In addition, if you were a happy healthy businessman, wouldn't you want to back the good old boy who managed to lower your taxes, even if it were only temporary? And if you were a businessman operating in this country in the last thirty years, haven't you been brainwashed into thinking that the Democrats were out to destroy you through excessive regulation and tax burden?

Just remember to conveniently forget about the balanced budgets and empowerment zones and economic reform that the Democrats achieved in the last eight years.

Well if that is the case and you would like to have a nice tax cut every year, give to Shrub's re-election campaign now! Somewhere on this planet even as you read this article, someone is manning a phone at a desk where you can call and pledge as much money to the Campaign to Re-Elect Everybody's President, or C.R.E.E.P. Brings back spooky memories for older Democrats who remember the Nixon years, doesn't it?

Keep in mind that this is just our newly selected president's way of changing the tone and restoring dignity to the White House. To most folks who aren't suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, this isn't restoring dignity, it's restoring Shrub's poppa's administration. An educated guess would be that when George Jr. visited the Whitehouse during his daddy's term, he thought everything was running just fine. Now that he seems to be following in his fathers footsteps (one term - we hope), he must have figured that using the family's old staff would be reassuring to people worried that he was too simple or greedy for the job. If the old staff and cabinet were there, he would always have the help that a simple country boy needs from time to time as issues and long words begin to perplex his uncomplicated mind.

In addition to all of this built in, all be-it outdated and out of touch help, The Texas Talk Twister has tried his best to look the part of a leader. Shrub comports himself like the perfect photo-op president that his party wants him to be. He doesn't have time to answer all of your questions, but he will take as long as he needs to stand around posing with endless groups of photogenic people, just to look the part of an involved politician. Just don't try to involve him in conversation or debate, unless you enjoy the feel of security staff manhandling you out of the room.

By participating in these photo-ops, putting comfortable names in reassuring places, and passing an annual tax-cut payoff for his rich investors, thus assuring funding in 2004, Shrub will guarantee another term in the Oval Office for himself, as well as rehabilitate the family name. With each passing year and its associated tax cut, we will be witnessing the outright purchase of a presidency.

But we may not notice it upon first glance. We may be too busy with our normal lives to look between the lines for the truth. The buying of our democracy and its associated cast of ne'er-do-wells may be hard to discern. It may only look like a well meaning, smirking, unintelligent, uninformed glad hander in a tacky suit shaking hands with a pack of cub scouts while signing a few orders and bills during a typical White House ceremony.

Look closer; they are marketing your freedom. Your country. And getting a nice tax cut every year to boot!


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