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The Chickens Always Come Home
March 14, 2001
by Jerry Fees

The only benefit that readily comes to mind resulting from the tentative control the GOP has over all three branches of government is the reality that the conservatives are now forced to try and actually govern. No longer is it possible for them to simply talk the talk. Now they must also walk the walk. For those of us who have spent the last twenty years listening to the conservatives preach their "do as I say not as I do" philosophy, there is a silver lining to the black clouds of frustration and despair that hang over our heads.

The conservatives, much to my personal joy, have to put their money where their collective mouths have been. It's no longer enough for them to hide behind vague patriotic slogans and buzz words. The time has come when they must enact their own agenda, their vision of government, and in so doing open themselves up to inspection and critique. Their actions, not just words, will speak for them now. As my Granny Rohrscheib taught me when I was just a youngster, every action has its consequence, or as she put it "the chickens always come home to roost."

His Fraudulency is not the least bit bashful about ramming his pro-business agenda down our throats, as if he actually had a mandate to do so, and his Republican toadies are walking lockstep with him in his effort. Anti-worker, anti-choice, anti-common sense measures are the order of the day in these first months of the occupation. The Bushies are on a roll and are most gleeful in their early successes. It's my observation that they're in one of those "we can do no wrong" mindsets and that all is possible for them.

With that in mind, I was reading op-ed pieces the other day and I came across a piece by David Limbaugh entitled "The GOP and race revisited." Normally anything that has the name Limbaugh attached to it sends me running to the nearest vomitorium but David was a name I was not familiar with and anything that has to do with the GOP and race relations is good for some entertainment so I gave it a read.

Suffice to say that Mr. Limbaugh, the lesser known, did not let me down. He concludes that because the GOP is pushing vouchers and His Fraudulency has paid lip service to the notion that racial profiling is a "bad thing" that there exists hope for the Republicans and the African-American vote in the future.

Let me start by saying that it's possible he's right. I'm German-Irish and would not presume to be able to speak for the African-American community concerning what they will or won't do. They are clearly able to speak for themselves as we've seen with the Congressional Black Caucus voicing their rage over the election of 2000. I would think from my observations that African-Americans would have plenty of reason to be pissed at the Democrats for our lack of support in standing up with them in Congress as they attempted to stop their votes from being stolen. In this time of gutless inaction in Congress, the CBC has been an outpost of sanity and confrontation. My hope is that eventually the leadership and members of the entire Democratic Caucus will get out from under the desks they've been cowering under and fight back alongside the CBC.

I can, however, observe the ludicrous nature of Mr. Limbaugh's rationale that vouchers and lip service by The Usurper are enough to override the effects that the actual legislation the GOP passes will have on "the average Joe" and minorities in particular.

I won't even go into the election. The outrage the CBC has voiced over it speaks for itself. How Mr. Limbaugh and the GOP figure to get around that one is beyond me. I would guess that in their current delusional state they must figure that either the majority of African-Americans don't agree with their leadership that what happened in Florida was a travesty of historical proportions or that come election time in 2002 and 2004 it will all be water under the bridge. Either way, I say good luck to you and yours Mr. Limbaugh. I'm pretty sure that you'll need it.

One need not go any further than the tax cut (although you know I will) to find plenty of reason for the average voter, and minorities in particular, to run fleeing from the GOP at the next election. The numbers have been beaten to death and there is no sense in my rehashing them here, other than to return to my original point and say that when all is said and done and our taxes are figured in the upcoming years, the proof will be in our returns. The little guy, for all the Republican talk, is going to take a beating in this deal as we did twenty years ago when we tried this half-baked scheme the first time. We are going to end up with nickels in tax relief and the fat cats are going to chortle all the way to the bank. African-Americans are just as smart and observant as the rest of us and they'll be able to see the inequity in Bush's scheme to pay back his rich supporters. You would think we'd get used to this and perhaps we have. I find it hardest to believe the support the GOP gets from the average man that voted for Bush in the first place. I will never understand the "why" of that vote. It's like standing on a street corner and smiling while a clumsy thief picks your pocket.

The Usurper says that racial profiling is a "bad thing". That's good Georgie. I've always said he has a real knack for grasping the obvious. The next thing you know he's going to tell us he's for "good government". He's directed his legions in Congress to look into it and at last they will. Is the incarceration rate plaguing young black men a good or bad thing Mr. Obvious? Shouldn't we look into that as well? This is the same Republican Congress that's been in power for the last six years and sat on their hands when it came to racial profiling and inequitable incarceration, or am I missing something? I ask you, is racial profiling the result of a liberal mindset or that of a conservative mindset? The "War on Drugs", is it liberal or conservative? Mandatory sentencing, liberal or conservative? I sometimes wonder if anybody ever explained to these guys that they shouldn't take their own press too seriously. They've gone around for far too long, beating their chests, telling everyone that would listen what a moral, caring bunch they are and now it appears they've actually begun to believe it.

African-Americans, Republican polling would tell us, support vouchers. If I and my family were trapped in the inner city with no way out, I'd support anything that offered my children a better education and a chance to succeed. Many of the schools that minority children attend are pitiful and taking away tax money from them to support private schools is not going to improve them. Ask the parents of the children who attend these schools if they'd rather have well paid local teachers working in well funded, well equipped neighborhood schools that are safe and secure institutions of learning, as opposed to vouchers, and see what answer you get.

I think that Mr. Obvious and the conservatives can say whatever they want and for the time being they can even wallow in their delusions of glory and inclusion, but in the long run they won't be able to hide who they are and what they believe. The GOP is the party of the wealthy, the party of business first and the little man last, if at all. So please, all my conservative friends, call me a "class warrior" if you like, for this is a title I will wear with great pride. Someone has to stand up for the little guy, no matter what color he is, and I'll bet you a nice lunch it won't be the Republicans. Their beliefs, policies and the resulting legislation will inevitably unmask them. They can't hide who they are no matter how they spin it. Just give them some time and enough rope and they'll eventually figure out what to do with it.


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