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Time To Fight Back
March 10, 2001
by Jerry Fees

Thank you Al Franken. It's about damn time we woke up and started using the word LIAR. Why is it that the Republicans and their media mouthpieces can make up their facts as they go and continuously get away with it? (Bill O'Reilly can claim he's not a Republican but we know better and we sure as hell won't claim him.)

Why is it that Herr Goebbels' - I mean, Karl Rove's - propaganda machine runs unchecked spitting out one distortion after another? I'll tell you why. It's because we've been acting like a bunch of scared children, afraid we're going to appear shrill and be called sore losers. That's what they're saying anyway so what the heck, let's fight back!

As much as I respect Al Gore for his dignity and grace under fire, he had no business allowing Bush and that bunch of self righteous heathens to talk to him like they did. The audacity of any one of that thieving, lying Bush clan to call Gore, or anyone else for that matter, a liar. They have no shame. Al took the high road and look at the mess it left us in.

We need to forget this whole civility charade and get on with the program. It's only 21 months till the 2002 election and we've got work to do.

I saw that moron Hannity on TV the other day and he and one of his GOP puppets, Bill Dal Col, (they call this guy a Republican strategist, I call him a LIAR) were talking about the economy. Col made the observation that we have a $7 trillion dollar economy with a $3.5 trillion dollar debt. What happened to the other $2.1 trillion dollars of debt?

Look it up for yourselves. It would appear that, for the sake of political expediency, the Republican strategists (see LIARS) want to confuse the public by separating the amount of debt held in private hands overseas and in central banks ($3.5 trillion) from the amount owed to the Social Security, Medicare and other trust funds ($2.1 trillion). The last time the national debt was $3.5 trillion was 1991.

Hannity then went on cry crocodile tears about government spending. The Republicans are up to their collective ears in pork and he knows it. They went on a spending spree last year (a record $284 billion in non-defense spending) that forever ended their right to call themselves conservatives. Conservative about what? Certainly not in the use of lies. Hannity can hardly open his mouth without telling a lie.

The reason I even mention these guys is that they're a microcosm of the problem as a whole. Lies followed by misdirection and what do we do about it? Nothing! Turn the other cheek. That's getting old real fast and it just plays into their hands. We have absolutely nothing to gain from this tactic. Do you think we'll win votes this way? We already have enough votes if we can just get them counted. It's in our best interest to fight back and call them liars. Let's just do it!

Bush proposes a budget with a 4% rate of increase, knowing full well the Congress will have to spend more than that. Ask Pete Domenici. He's already acknowledged it won't be enough. Of course it won't be enough. As dumb as Bush is, he knew what he was doing. Now he can go to the people and point out what the evil Congress is doing, especially those mean old tax and spend Democrats trying to wreck the economy by funding those wretched social programs. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR. My Grandma Rohrscheib would wash his mouth out with soap. If a little old lady with a southern accent shows up in Washington looking for W with some Irish Spring in her hand, I hope he gets what he's got coming.

Get with it Tom, Dick and the rest of you spineless wimps. We are your people and we demand you go after these guys. The Black Congressional Caucus and Terry McAuliffe look to me to be the only ones left that still have their guts. I have no idea why we as a party have decided to get sucked into this civility ploy when it is such a transparent ruse.

I do know this though, if we continue to lie down for Rove and his propaganda machine we will pay for it. We can ride this out together but our elected officials are going to have to be a lot more plain spoken and we're all going to have to follow Al Franken's example. Seek out a specific case of Republican lies, investigate it and blow the whistle loud and hard. Blow it until someone listens and then go out and find another lie. They're everywhere there's a Republican mouthpiece. It's a target rich environment. ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!


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