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The Rights Of The Right
March 9, 2001
by mukraken

This is America, buddy! We have rights!
We have a right to investigate your representative,
from his dandruff down to his toenails,
enumerating every microscopic sin
from the cradle to tomorrow afternoon,
and on till Doomsday, at exorbitant fees.

We have a right to appoint our own felons to high office,
and if you object to one felon,
if you spend weeks and millions to keep him out of office,
we've got a dozen more felons to take his place.

We have a right to destroy the environment,
whether or not you object,
whether or not it will help the economy,
whether or not it will even turn a profit.

We have a right to make our morals mandatory,
and yours a laughingstock in the media.
We have a right to proselytize our religion
in the schools and every public place.
We have a right to give our drugs to your children,
and put your drugs up as evidence of decadence.

We have the right to repeal your rights, one by one,
starting with the right to life and liberty,
continuing on with the right to pursue happiness,
and then down through "The Dirty Ten",
without even getting three quarters of a quorum.

Dies ist Amerika, Budkopf! Wir den rechten haben!
Aintcha glad we don't live in Moscow?


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