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Dan Burton's Prime Time Special
March 6, 2001
by Ken Alford

The Republicans can be quite clever at times. Did you happen to notice the time when Dan Burton invited Lewis Libby before his committee? It was Prime Time for TV watchers. Most folks were watching "Survivor" on another network.

About 12 people were watching Libby on C-Span, including myself. Nonetheless, it was captivating TV. Of course, Lewis Libby is Vice-President-select Cheney's chief-of-staff. Previous to his present position, he was chief defense counsel to Marc Rich. Yes, Marc Rich! The "traitor" that is giving Dan Burton nightmares. The straw that broke Bill Clinton's back.

At one time in his questioning, Mr. Libby stated that he did not think Mr. Rich was guilty of the charges against him. In fact, he agreed that the President's pardon had merit. In another instance, he was forced to admit that indeed he thought Mr. Rich could be considered a "traitor". No one asked, "Why would you defend someone you consider a "traitor?"

Furthermore, no one thought to ask, "Why would the 'Vice-President-select' choose someone with such a lack of integrity to be his chief-of-staff?" Surely he knew he was the counsel for Marc Rich?

As the questioning of Mr. Libby was just getting interesting, Dan Burton left his chairman's seat and disappeared out the back door. Where was he going? He had an appointment to be on the "Hardball" show with Chris Matthews and a gig on the Larry King show. Too bad he missed the most important witness to testify before his committee. But perhaps whores need consolation from other whores to justify their actions?


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