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I'm Very, Very Angry
by Se7en

You know, outcome means NOTHING when the electoral process is subverted and destroyed in the pursuit of power....Bush can never win - it's too late for that. When the votes should have been counted and would have been counted, Shrub was instead hastily installed by the Supreme Court's Gang of Five... and nothing changes that. Nothing. NOTHING!

Shrub wanted the job, he GOT it. Since when did little Shrub ever NOT get what he wants? He was not elected to that job - he was placed in it by his friends in power, and with the help of Kate Harris and his brother Jeb, who oh-so-interestingly just happens to be Governor of FLORIDA!

Well, what a co-inky-dink, eh?

Shrub trashed any chance at achieving legitimacy by arrogantly conducting himself as though it was never in question, and pulling every power string in existance, every fraudulent third-world vote-trashing, power-grabbing trick in the book, and doing ANYTHING it took (except be elected by the people) to "win" the job of Resident in Thief. Thanks to Shrub, his friends, his family, and not least of all, the media's little bag of tricks, the United States is an abject shame and a joke to the rest of this world and a veritable MOCKERY to the entire concept of Democracy.

Furthermore, NOTHING any Democrats and even many Republicans have ever done (including Monicas and seedy pardons) could match the unethical hypocrisy and Nazi-like tactics with which Shrub's power grab occured - and at the expense of the basic voting rights of millions of taxpaying citizens of this country. THAT - amounts to taxation without representation and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

A real president is supposed to represent the people in his country - BEGINNING WITH BEING FIRSTLY ELECTED BY THEM. However, Shrub was NOT elected, he was selected before all (ALL) the votes were counted - therefore, we don't have a President. Now, all we have is a media-mongering, character-assasinating, power-grabbing Resident in Thief. The last President we had was William Jefferson Clinton, and Shrub and his Hit Man duJour Karl Rove are out to make him seem as 'illegitimate' as Shrub is.

Perhaps that's the only way Shrub can live with himself after what he's done. The majority of Americans voted for someone ELSE in 2000, and the majority of Americans are HARDLY fooled by this attempted whitewashing job of the Republicans and the media they own, or by the obvious and fraudulent theft of Florida either, with the help of Shrub's Brother Jebby, Kate Harris (and their untrustworthy Voter Cleansing List, courtesy of the Republican-owned Database Technologies), and of course, Cousin Ellis at Fox News, and lastly and most importantly, the ONLY FIVE VOTES THAT EVER COUNTED IN 2000 - the Gang of Five on the Usurping Court.

The ONLY people that Shrub and his corporate-owned mediaslutz have convinced that he is in any way, shape, form, or fashion, a 'legitimate' President - are the minority who voted for him - including those rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth pack dog, Clinton-haters. Well isn't THAT a big surprise?

It isn't "just me" or some "fringe" left-wingers, anymore than Democratic voters are a minority in this country - they are NOT! There are by and large approximately 1/4 to 1/3 more Democrats registered to vote in this country than Republicans. The problem seems to be that either: a) Democrats (a very diverse party including middle class, working folk, minorities, women, gays, etc) aren't ALLOWED to vote for various and sundry reasons (reference Database Technologies and the 2000 election to see just one of them) or; b) their votes are NOT COUNTED for various and sundry reasons (three words: FLORIDA, November 2000)



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