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McAuliffe Is The Man For The Job
by Jerry Fees

I saw Robert "The Prince of Darkness" Novak on TV the other night and he was giving out free advice to the Democrats. He advised that if we wanted to take our party back and restore it to its rightful place on the American political scene that we needed to free ourselves from the influence of the Clintons and to do that we needed to get rid of Terry McAuliffe.

I read a column by George Will the very next day and surprise, surprise, he had the same advice for the Democrats. You guessed it, we need to get rid of Terry McAuliffe if we're ever going to drag ourselves up out of the gutter. How nice of these two to be so concerned about the welfare of our party. Both of these men have long been known for their concern about the well being of the Democrats.

Then being the simpleton I am, it slowly occured to me that these two might not be telling the truth. Perhaps they had ulterior motives. Maybe, just maybe, there are other reasons they would like to see McAuliffe relieved of his duties as new head of the DNC. It becomes painfully obvious that the Republican Jihad sees Terry McAuliffe as the greatest threat to their continued occupation of our once democratic government.

The fact that he is a champion fund raiser and can help us compete with the deep pockets of their supporters might have a little something to do with their sudden interest in our well being. The RNC fax machine must be going full tilt turning out "message of the day" faxes to the talking heads as their unified cry the last couple of days has been "McAuliffe has got to go".

I find it amusing that this bunch, who would suppress the votes of 60,000 Americans and participate in a bloodless coup using the treasonous majority on the USSC to install a man such as George W., would have the gall to instruct others on matters of dignity.

We don't even have to go into their sordid past to see the irony in this. The Republicans have perfected the "do as I say and not as I do" line of reasoning these last years and the most pathetic thing is they've gotten away with it. We're to believe George W. is a man of high moral standards because they say it is so. No matter what history teaches about the Bushes and their contempt for the law or the average man, we're supposed to see them as "compassionate" because they tell us they are.

Well I'm afraid that's just not good enough anymore. It takes money to combat the Republicans because they've got so much of it and they're willing to use it however is necessary to win. We must be willing to do the same. If Terry McAuliffe levels the playing field then so be it. When the election turned out the way it did, I thought "well at least we won't have to listen to them whine for another four years." I was dead wrong.

If they've decided that our ultimate destruction is their goal then we're going to have to step up as they did. Despise them as I do, I must admire their dedication to our defeat. They were willing to do whatever it took and they did. Now so must we.

No such luck Novak, Will, and all the rest of you Republican apologists. When I see Terry McAuliffe I see victory. If we've learned anything from the last election at all, it's that you must fight fire with fire and Terry is nothing less than a fire breather. The fact that he beat them in this previous election, only to have it taken away by fraud, intimidation and deceit, must instill in them a sense of impending doom.

Now we have the opportunity to attack instead of defend. Let's do it everyday until election time. His speech at the DNC was just what this party needed and the sooner Tom, Dick and that gutless bunch in Congress catch on the better.

The Republicans have zeroed in on him for just that reason. They see the writing on the wall. It's take no prisoners time and they don't like it. The Republicans didn't steal the White House using W's charm offensive and we won't take it back that way either. We've got to go after these usurpers and Terry McAuliffe is the man to lead the attack.


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