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See No Truth, Hear No Truth, Speak No Truth
by Anlashok

What happened to an objective press? Former president Bill Clinton pardoned some people he probably shouldn't have. It's a sad thing. The closest precedent I can see is… let's see… Ford pardoning Nixon and other Watergate cronies? What a precedent!

Clinton also had contributors stay in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House. Odd, that. Imagine having people who helped you stay over at your house? I had better not ever let those friends who lent me money when I was a bit short stay over. I could be investigated. On the other hand, big oil company contributors were allowed to man stations on a U.S. Navy submarine, resulting in the deaths of nine Japanese people. Guess which scandal the press prints in greater detail and volume?

George W. Bush's team filed the first lawsuit regarding the Florida election. His team totally abused the United States' legal system to stop the real winner of the election from being discovered. His lawyers filed many, many more lawsuits than Gore's, but whom has the media portrayed as the "sue-happy" loser mining for votes? That's right, Vice President Al Gore.

After complaining that Gore's team wanted to recount only the Democratic counties, Bush and company refused the more than generous offer to count ALL the counties! Why? Because they knew Gore had won, but didn't want US to know it. Just a little hard to keep that secret for long, wasn't it? There were even attempts by the Republican party to seal the Florida ballots away for years to keep from making George W. (the Usurper) Bush's presidency look "illegitimate." Too late. Strangely, though, our "liberal media" never said much about that, either.

Why would the media want to glorify "President" Bush and vilify President Clinton and President-in-Exile Gore? Corporate welfare may be the place to look. NBC is owned by General Electric, which stands to make vast amounts of money due to tax breaks proposed by Bush. ABC is owned by Disney, which stands to make the same kind of profit. Fox has such a serious conservative bias that it's a foregone conclusion. MSNBC is a subsidiary of NBC and GE. CNN is owned by media giant AOL Time Warner.

Every one of the aforementioned "news" sources is owned by huge corporations that will make enormous profits from a Bush presidency. Maybe that explains the horrible distortions of the Florida recounts and the tremendous play given to Clinton "scandals." Maybe that explains the dearth of coverage of Bush's idiotic comments and policy blunders, not to mention the scandals of his past.

The "news" media has abrogated its responsibility to the truth. A free press does the American people no good if it is distorted by political biases. We need a source for news that does not pander to the right-wing electoral thieves and presents a fair and accurate view of real events.


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