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Republican or Christian?
by Nick Wride

The Republican party likes to call itself the Party of God, the Party of Morality, the Party of Family Values and a host of other names to indicate that they are the only party worthy of God's blessings.

Most of the Hucksters of Holiness, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson closely align themselves with the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts). It is thought by some that the Religious Right owns the Republican Party. That sure seemed evident when the GOP won the House in 1994 and was handed the Contact With the American Family. Pat Robertson held out the hoop and the so-called Republican Revolution jumped right through it.

Jerry Falwell CLAIMS to be a Christian but he sold a tape that accused President Bill Clinton of murder, drug running and numerous other crimes. When the tape was proven to be false, Falwell admitted that he continued to sell it, knowing that it was false. Is this a Christian thing to do? To put profiteering by selling known lies ahead of the truth? Falwell is also strangely silent on the moral failings of prominent members of the Republican Party. Is this because Falwell is more a Republican than he is a Christian?

Pat Robertson also sold the fraudulent tape, profiting from it even after knowing it was a lie. Robertson is also ignores the wanton adultery by the leaders of the Republican Party, while pointing the finger at Bill Clinton and the Democrats. He has had much to say about Clinton's lying about an affair and Clinton's drug use but says nothing about Bush's lying about his arrest record, Bush's non-answers about his own drug use or Bush getting a then illegal abortion for his girlfriend in 1970. Could this be because Robertson is more a Republican than he is a Christian?

William Bennett is the former Education Secretary and Drug Czar under George the First and CLAIMS to be a Christian. He wrote a book called The Book of Virtues and is the self-appointed Morals Dictator of the United States. Bennett is a fierce critic of Bill Clinton and rages endlessly about Clinton's lack of morals but is another moralist who ignores the perversions of members of his own party. Could he be another example of so-called Christians who put the good of the Party ahead of the Word of their God?

I know that it's just my opinion, but these small examples would seem to show the incredible hypocrisy that is rampant in the so-called Party of God.


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