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McCain Could Have Saved the Republican Legacy
by Mark J. Mitchell

John McCain would have been a better Presidential candidate for the Republican party - even if he had lost against Gore. As much as many of us abhor the issues that Republicans represent, their shelf-life as a viable American political party in the next century would be more secure than it is now under the puppetry of the Bush Political Machine if they had nominated McCain.

As the months sneak forward like an oil slick slithering toward the Galapagos Islands, Dubya will slowly scrape away at the credibility of the Republican party amongst its most staunch supporters. He does not have the ability to understand complex issues and to implement solutions like our singularly epistemologically inclined ex-prez, Bill. Clinton could not only galvanize, inspire, and ultimately lead his own party, he was able to capture the attention of the international community in a positive way that has rarely been accomplished by any other president.

The swiftly approaching eye of History will judge our current president in relation to his uncommon predecessor. The eye of History is so much more fair and wise than that of man. Think about it. Would we be so disgusted if it were McCain in office? Sure we would still have to have to expose the short-sightedness of Republican issues - but would we be checking this site every day like we all do now? I think not. Even though John McCain is 'one of those Republicans,' you know intrinsically that the stalks behind his eyeballs are connected to a brain that thinks outside the box of colloquialism.

Whereas George Bush Jr. has never traveled abroad, McCain was imprisoned in a far-off land of war. This in itself should not be an indictment of Bush, after all, wars alone do not make one great. It does show that while one is intellectually stunted at the insular extreme, the other has benefited from his harrowing experience with the outside. We Democrats on the other hand are lucky, since we frequently travel the world for pleasure and education, and avoid the whole war scene altogether by whatever means legally necessary. We think that's a nice happy medium.

Even if McCain had lost against Gore, the Republicans would have been able to retain their right of passage into the future. With the increasingly embarrassing Bush, they have steered the country, and possibly the world down a dead end road. When the Republican Machine comes smashing into the brick wall we know as historical perspective, their day will be over. We will no longer hear of a "Republican party." Unfortunately for the world, hate and ignorance will probably just take on another name.


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