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Perceptions of a President
by Bill 1x1

Perceptions, as they say are in the eye of the beholder. While traveling through posts in my Yahoo! club's message board, glancing at the words of the members as they cut down, build up and generally try to make their point I was struck by a sentence that just floored me. As a Democrat who tries to run a place where arguments are many but nevertheless civil, I stared at this sentence in utter disbelief.."Clinton was never given the chance to prove himself as President".

Can it be? Have I been so absorbed in defending Mr. Clinton that I was blinded to what has been going on? Just what does it mean to prove yourself as President? I sat here for over an hour pondering that thought and asked myself just what does one have to do to 'PROVE' themselves.

Doesn't being re-elected recognize accomplishment? It is a fair question, Nixon was also re-elected as was Reagan, and yet when I look at Nixon and Reagan I just cannot fathom why. What did they prove? I suppose Nixon proved secret bombings, secret break-ins, slush funds and abuse of power ending in disgrace with resignation proved it is possible to be fooled. When I look at Reagan, I see a 'B' actor who when left to make his own decisions people ran and hid. Talk about loose cannons, loose lips, all the while being directed by the heavenly stars.

His supporters see another face on Rushmore, I see an old man in a Orange jump suit with Alcatraz stenciled on the back. Didn't they see the deficits? Didn't they see the class warfare, the hate for the poor, disabled and mentally ill? Well, Im not the brightest bulb on the block, But I am damn sure Mr. Clinton and his leadership these last 8 years have been one of Americas greatest success stories, bar none.

Millions of new jobs created, yes it was private industry, but Mr. Clinton provided the leadership to pave the way for the explosion of this economy. His effortless desire to leave no one behind, to fight toe to toe with the medical industry, to fight for me, just a little guy. The demented hatred for him and his family was and will be unequaled in our country's history.

He showed up every day, he devoted himself to US, to America, even those who unmercifully hated him. He expended weeks off the end of his life trying to bring peace to a region that hasn't known peace in thousands of years. His commitment to education, to police protection has never been equaled. His unwavering support for all Americans of every race creed and color, his willingness to judge not, but to accept some are just different, some are physically challenged, and demand that they too be included in the grace of this country we call America.

When a people in a far away god forsaken country were being MURDERED just for being the wrong race, he forged a compliance with NATO, and he did exactly what he said he would do, and all our troops are alive to tell the story.

Here is a man who was accused by the drunk felon radio personalities of being a murderer, a traitor, a felon, a cheat, DAILY! And every day he went to work, every day he thought about America, not only did Clinton prove himself as a caring man, he damn well proved he was the best damn President this country has seen in the last 25 years!


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