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A Lonewolf Democrat in a Republican Hell
by Carmen J. Abate

First of all let me say I'm ashamed of myself. Why you ask? Well let's start at the beginning. First I did not actively involve myself in the recent campaign for the White House. Second because I live in Tennessee and was startled by the massive amount of Bush/Cheny lawn signs and didn't think that this was a problem (after all, what state doesn't vote for their favorite son). And third because this weekend at a party I blew up on this nameless Republican and got loud and emotional.

Well that more than anything else has me upset. I find as I talk to people who are of a like mind that we are all very emotional on the subject of our legally selected new puppet of the rich and moral (moral being their choice of dictum) hypocrites.

So what's the point? Well I hope this lesson I have learned will stay in people's minds for ever, not just to the next set of elections.

First of all, stay active - do something besides get angry, joke around, make fun of, or do nothing. Get involved. It is paramount to the success of the tired, and the weak, and the poor huddled masses that we truly are.

Second, don't expect to win arguments with Republicans who describe liberals as pinko commies and really don't know what liberal is, or will not bother to learn, let alone listen if you try to explain it to them (and I just want to know how the right got to make liberal a dirty word in the first place).

After all most if not all the huddled masses that follow the right don't even bother to read, they just like wallowing in their own self indulgences. And hey, let's face it - they get a lot of education from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or some other objective reporter (we know these people are editorializing, not reporting, but try to explain that to anyone who thinks that if you're on TV you must be telling the truth or you wouldn't be there).Who owns television? The corporations. That's right, now they own the government too.

So after blowing up on this guy I went home, reflected, and have decided that from now on I do the count to ten thing before I speak - and probably will have to do that many times during any discussion. And yes, it must be a discussion. Because you can't change the mind of the non-thinkers, you can only hope to put doubt in their arguments.

And please back up anything you say with some facts, and don't get upset when they change the subject with Republican soundbites or Bill Clinton or any other thing that probably has nothing to do with what your talking about, because this just means they really have no answer or argument. It means "I want to get out of this topic because I don't really have an answer". Or "I don't really know the answer". Or usually it means "I don't want to say that I like Republicans because they're white, or I'm rich and I really don't care about the poor."

So I'm going to keep my cool, get active and never let it rest until our government is back in the hands of the people. I hope you do too. Democracy forever, freedom forever, and let's get the hypocrites out of Washington. Solidarity with you, a lonewolf Democrat in a Republican hell.

I really don't care if you print this or not, I just wanted to say something. I do actually hope and pray that this nightmare of Republican self-righteousness can be beat. Who knows where they really want to take us. I guess we are too complacent in our society. Thanks for a great site and the opportunity to write.


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