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Don't Like It? Don't Pay For It!
by ajreinHA

Don't Like It? Don't Pay For It!

In the wake of a new exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Museum, conservatives have decried the use of public funds for what they consider inappropriate material. Their argument is simple: they find this art objectionable and hence, they don't believe that their taxes should have to support such offensive material.

This is a great idea! But I figured why should it stop with art? There are plenty of things the government spends taxpayer money on that are objectionable, offensive, and inappropriate. So I have compiled a list of things the government subsidizes which I disagree with. I demand they cease funding immediately on the following:

1. Public Schools Which Display the Ten Commandments
These schools are in open defiance of the Constitution and while funding these institutions, the United States government is blatantly supporting criminal activity. This also goes for any public schools that teach Creationism.

2. George W. Bush's Salary
I didn't vote for him. Neither did a majority of Americans. Since he is not the legitimate President, he should not be receiving the President's salary.

3. Loans for Students Attending Colleges that Indoctrinate their Students with Conservative Ideas
I find a lot of what is taught at some of these fundamentalist Christian colleges to be horribly offensive and intolerant. As such, I don't want my tax dollars paying for students to learn this material.

4. Law Enforcement
It seems like The Man is only out there to give me a hard time. When was the last time you've seen a cop who wasn't pointing a radar gun at you?

5. War on Drugs
The US has waged this losing battle for years and years. Personally, I'd love to see Vietnamesque anti-war rallies in the streets, but now that conservatives say we can remove tax dollars from any program we choose, I guess we can just simply stop paying for this silly war.

6. Department of Defense
They openly discriminate against homosexuals and crash submarines into fishing boats. If my tax dollars continue to be used for such activities, it could be construed that I approve of such deplorable behavior.

7. PBS
I haven't seen anything good on PBS for a while. Let's nix it. What's that you say? The conservatives already tried that and it didn't work? Okay, I guess we'll keep it then.

Well, I guess this list is a good start but certainly not exhaustive. I'd like to thank those conservatives out there who suggested this wonderful form of self-government. I think they've stumbled onto a system of reform that will revolutionize America and make it a much better place. I invite Americans everywhere to submit their own lists to their Congressmen and hopefully we'll soon be able to sleep peacefully knowing our tax dollars are safe and well spent.


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