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George Will's Bowtie is Tied a Little Too Tight
by Paul Cipriano

Once again George Will has written another editorial incredibly exaggerating the successes of George W. Bush's first weeks in office. What a nice guy Bush is Will gushes. I am beginning to think that his bowtie is tied a little to tight.

In his editorial "A Nice Bush Can Sell A Tax Cut" Will says Bush is having a honeymoon with congress because he is such a nice guy. Thats funny I seem to remember several remarks Bush has made when he thought the microphone was off which sounded not so nice to me.

In the same editorial Will takes a break from his love affair with Bush to engage in some good ol Clinton bashing. The esteemed Mr. Will compares Mr. Clinton to a snail leaving slime on a sidewalk. Granted Mr. Clinton has not been an exemplary President in terms of his personal life. However, none of us can deny we have made mistakes in life and have things we would rather not have revealed to the general public. Mr. Will, I believe, has some skeletons in his closet, that the general public does not know. Certainly the exemplary Mr. Bush has at times in his life used illegal drugs, been an alcoholic, lost millions of dollars of others peoples money among other things not yet brought to light.

Next Mr. Will bashes Democrats in general because they are still "pouting" about fictitious roadblocks and other impediments to voting for minorities in Florida. I guess the esteemed Mr. Will did not watch the Civil Rights Commission hearings about the election in Florida. When Ms. Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, could not answer even the most basic questions about the responsibilities of her position that certainly was not a cause for smiles. Commissioners of local precincts pleaded with Ms. Harris to help them deal with the large voter turnout expected, the lack of funds for training poll workers and the antiquated equipment in the poorer voting districts. As the hearings revealed their pleas were ignored by Ms. Harris.

Mr. Will certainly is an expert in many fields. I am thoroughly impressed by the depth of his knowledge. He pooh-poohs democratic concerns about ecological damage from drilling in Alaska or our National Parks. Oil Companies would never take shortcuts or cut corners to save costs that might cause an enviormental disaster. One need only look at spills such as the Exxon Valdez and the recent tanker spill off The Galapagos Islands to worry about letting the oil companies loose in Alaska or our treasured national parks. Certainly corporations are socially responsible and would never endanger the public by polluting the enviornment and concealing it from government officials. Certainly General Electric didn't really dump PCB's intentionally in The Hudson River in upstate New York. They did not know the harm PCB's could cause. But now that the harm PCB's cause to humans is known GE is acting honorably by launching a media ad campaign against dredging the Hudson because it will cost millions that GE will be liable for.

This is still a Democracy and people should not be attacked personally with cheap shots for simply disagreeing with those in authority. Mr Wills comments about the Clintons stealing silverware and that Democrats enjoy wallowing in self pity and playing the victim is a new low for someone who professes to be on a higher moral plain than the majority of us. If Mr Will longs for a return to civility in government and society perhaps he should start with himself.


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