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The $3 Trillion Bar Tab
by ajreinHA

The $3 Trillion Bar Tab

I will make a pledge right now: I will not use the word "risky" to describe President Bush's enormous, fiscally irresponsible tax cut that benefits the rich and threatens to foster years of future federal deficits. There I said it. Instead, I'd like to focus on what the American people want: a fiscally responsible President.

President Clinton was frequently criticized for paying too close attention to polls, on anything from what issues to deal with to where to vacation. Whereas Clinton cherished the public opinion and tried to do the people's work. Apparently President Bush is putting on his blinders and charging ahead.

In a Gallup Poll released 2/14/01, Americans are putting a higher priority on maintaining a prosperous economy, dealing with energy problems, improving education, maintaining a balanced budget, and providing a strong national defense than a Bush tax cut. In fact, 53% of Americans think a Bush tax cut will cause a federal deficit and 57% of Americans think it will take money away from Social Security.

It appears that the American public is more fiscally responsible than their President. However, some Republicans claim that a huge tax cut is fiscally responsible. They make the analogy to a store when you overpay the merchant has a duty to give you your change back.

Now, I like the analogy better with a bar, if for no other reason than the fact that I like to drink. So I hand bartender Bush a twenty for my shot of tequila and he starts to give me my change. But wait! Hey barkeep, remember back in the early 80s when I was here with my buddy Ronnie and we ran up that $3 trillion bar tab? How about I start paying back some of that? Only a fool would suggest that the fiscally responsible thing for barkeep Bush to do would be to insist that I take back my change.

I apologize for the overdrawn analogy, but this is precisely what is happening. The American people are practically begging the government to be fiscally responsible and not pass a huge tax cut, but the Republicans either don't listen to the American people or they don't care. Either way, the Republicans, including Bush, are not in touch with the American people. There are many mistakes a politician can make while in office; I can think of few greater than this. Oh, and notice I didn't say "risky" (that one doesn't count).

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