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My Half Bumper Sticker
by Neuvocat

My Half Bumper Sticker

If I could make my own bumper sticker, it would probably say, "Mean People Vote Republican." I thought of that one when I discovered what happened to my Bush/Cheats sticker. After just a few weeks of having an otherwise intact sticker, I saw that the Cheats part was ripped away.

If anything underscores the current political and social climate, it is an act such as this. Without disregard for my personal property someone vandalized my right to free speech. When I think about it, the person who did so would probably fit the profile of a Republican voter: a white, clean-cut looking person who professes to be extremely patriotic, full of morals, abiding by the rule of law, and respectful of hard working taxpayers (like myself). In an act such as this he completely betrayed himself.

I actually found it pretty amusing after I saw my suddenly half-sized bumper sticker. This is typical of the person who claims that there are no grounds for disputing the election-over and over again. They are all over the place trying to shout us out name calling and angrily denying all the arguments that were ever made against His Dubiousness, George the Second, in the Florida mess.

In other words, they're listening to everything that we liberals have to say about it. They acknowledge the validity of everything we say — indirectly — about it by getting hateful and striking without reason. If you've ever noticed, no conservative has ever made a thoughtful and reasonable rebuttal in favor of His Dubiousness. They blindly attack and scream because the truth simply hurts. People like this earned many past Republicans the title of Reactionary for this very reason. And there is plenty of reason in the present to see why.

What's funny about this is that the conservatives haven't gotten over the Election 2000 mess anymore than we have. They say we whine too much about it but they seem to confuse whining with nagging guilt and scornful truth. The chorus of boos against the Republicans are echoed by their own consciences. The sounds ring inside their empty minds and hearts very loudly.

I think about how much I've gained with my half-bumper sticker and I suppose that I should thank the person who left me with it because he or she justified my point of view. I'm glad that I can let people know what I believe in without being ashamed of myself — unlike the vandal who was too scared to openly disagree with me.

To be fair I wish I could thank him but of course I can't. Instead I'll just make a private little tribute to him — before I order more stickers — and send a postcard to President Al Gore, c/o The White House, Washington D.C. I'll just leave out my name and address.

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