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The following e-mail is a petition for support from the John Hagee Ministries. It was sent to us by one of our supporters, who wrote:

I too am a Christian, believe in God and go to church, but I do not believe that any church should practice politics, especially when they are Tax Exempt. If this is what they want they should run for public office. Here is the letter and petition word for word:


Dear Friends,

When General Dwight D. Eisenhower met on the evening of June 5th with his command staff, they faced this historic decision: to attack Hitler the next day in bad weather across the English Channel, or to postpone the D-Day invasion and risk a breach in security that could cost them the war. They decided to attack! On June 6th, the American forces stormed the beaches of Normandy and the victory was won.

The election of President Bush brings the Bible-believing community to D-Day! The war is not over...IT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING. This is not the end of the struggle.

Why? As I write this article (December 14, 2000), President-elect George W Bush is surrounded by powerful political forces demanding that he "go slow", that he has to become more liberal, that he should stay away from divisive issues, that he has to "share power".

Wrong! These political parasites are merely trying to stay in power.

Their objective is clear. They want to "win" by convincing Mr. Bush that he "lost", that he has a nation so hopelessly divided he has no basis to govern.

If, four years from now, abortion remains the law of the land and Supreme Court vacancies have been filled with more liberal judges, than our celebration is in vain. If the Clinton Executive Orders are not repealed and our military is not rebuilt, then this election will have amounted to exactly nothing. If we cannot return the Ten Commandments to public schools and overturn Roe vs Wade, the opportunity will be missed forever.

A major battlefront for the soul of this nation is the Supreme Court. Two judges have been talking about retiring and now the Wall Street Journal confirms that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wants to retire. President Bush has the opportunity to change the course of history... but only if he rejects the liberals' demand for "shared power."

Replacing Justice O'Connor with a justice like Scalia would shift the Court dramatically in our direction. But, if President Bush listens to timid counselors and sends a "centrist" (Washington's label for a closet liberal) to avoid a fight with Hillary Clinton in the Senate, it will be giving the victory to the enemies of family values. With two conservative Justices added to the Supreme Court, think about waking up one morning and reading the headline that the Supreme Court overturned abortion 5-4... or that voluntary prayer has been returned to public schools 5-4... or that the Ten Commandments have been returned to public schools 5-4... or that Roe vs. Wade has been defeated 5-4.

It is within our grasp. We must seize the day! Partners here's how we can turn the course of history! I want you to fill out the following petition to President George W. Bush. I want him to hear from YOU! I will personally carry your petition to Congress to present it on national television. I encourage you to photocopy the petition and pass it out to your friends and family who will join us in this battle to Take America Back.

I need 12,000 new Salt Covenant Partners to join with John Hagee Ministries to "fight the good fight" for the soul of our nation. This is a cultural war. There will be a winner and there will be a loser. To the winner goes the prize of our children and grandchildren. I need your Help! This is not my fight... this is OUR fight. I must have your financial help in this great final push for victory.

To those of you who are Partners, I ask that you re-commit to your pledge and that you send a very special one time offering for this national crusade. I know some of you are asking yourself, "Will this make a difference?" Let me assure you I know President George Bush personally. I have eaten with him several times in the Governor's Mansion to discuss faith-based issues. He is a man of moral conviction and will not turn a deaf ear to the outcry of American citizens.

Together we can do the impossible. Let us not be weak, compromising, and cowardly. Let us be what the righteous are intended to be... bold as a lion. May I hear from you TODAY? Don't delay your response. I want to take these petitions to Washington as soon as possible. I want the President to know of your support and concern for the nation. Fill out the Petition!

Make your commitment to become a Salt Covenant Partner, to renew as an existing Salt Covenant Partner, and/or to give your special one-time offering TODAY. God bless you, Partners!


Pastor John Hagee
Senior Pastor.


Dear Mr. President,

We, the people of America with faith in God and trust in His Word, respectfully urge you to be bold in the defense of: *Traditional family values * The unborn children of America * The return of the Ten Commandments to public schools * The rebuilding of our military forces * The appointment of Supreme Court Justices who defend the Constitution, not activist judges who usurp the will of the people * The removal of the tax on marriage * The rebuilding of faith-baised education Mr. President, you have our love and our prayers. Remember the words God spoke to Joshua, "BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE; DO NOT BE AFRAID, DO NOT BE DISMAYED, FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO." (Joshua 1:9)

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