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Democracy or Republic? Part 1
by Elad

Needless to say, many people are questioning the legitimacy of an alleged Free America. Doing so is healthy. To aid in such a quest I offer a lot of facts and some opinions.

The story starts with the founding of America. Our fore-fathers wanted independence from England, and they won it. Once the war was over, the brand new country was faced with the issue of developing a system of government for the 13 colonies. With the tyranny of England fresh in their heads, many things were put into the Constitution to protect the civil liberties of all citizens. There was no real opposition to any of these civil liberties, as anyone fighting for independence valued their importance.

However, not everything was so easy while drawing up the Constitution. There was a fundamental debate going on between the delegates that is still a very heated topic this day. This debate over the most basic principles of what America should be has since been glossed over and hidden by the mass-brainwashing of citizens (that can be credited to the mass media and public schools).

Think about it: have you ever been told by a teacher in school that you weren't free? That America is not a true democracy? Did your social studies teacher ever explain that a majority of the Founding Fathers opposed open democracy? Of course not. You're told simple "truths" about America all your life, and you never even think to question them. Until now.

The fundamental debate that the Founding Fathers fought over was this: republic or democracy. No matter what you've been told, you can't have both. The country we live in today is NOT a democracy, it is a representative republic.

The authors of the Constitution could not agree on how presidential elections should be held, for example. Those who favored a republican government wanted the president to be selected by Congress. The democrats wanted the president to be voted in by a direct popular vote of the people. Eventually, they compromised. The Electoral College was put into place, and the issue was never completely resolved.

Today, we have two political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Whether the average Joe that considers himself a Republican knows it or not, he is supporting and voting for an undemocratic society. This is where the mass media brainwashing becomes apparent. Ask anyone (well, if you asked before this last election) what form of government the USA was, they would say "democracy, of course!"

Ask a Republican if he believes in democracy, they'll most likely tell you yes. This is because they've never been told any different. It was just assumed that America is a democracy, and the Republican vs. Democrat wars were just battles over opinions, not fundamentals. This simply isn't true.

The republicans won more victories in early America. The Constitution itself protects the "Republican way of government". That's why Republicans are so quick to bring up the Constitution in debates, they know that the Constitution will back them up more than it will the liberals.

This is the point at which I really get disgusted at the brainwashing. We're fed the idea that the Constitution is "holy", it is the almighty end-all, and it will always protect us, and always contains the most wisdom. This is, put simply, bullshit. The Constitution guarantees certain rights to all Americans, and those rights should NOT be changed. The Bill of Rights is the only part of the constitution that should not be re-evaluated. As for the rest of the document, it desperately needs to be analyzed and picked apart and reformed.

This is a document that's written for a government that's 225 years old. A LOT of things have changed, the world is a MUCH different place, and to assume that this ancient document somehow still "knows all" and is "holy" is frankly absurd and naive. America has been at war with itself for 225 years, fighting constantly, at every political turn, over whether this country should be a republic or a democracy. That battle rages even more heatedly today than it ever did, and it's time that the masses awoke to this war.

We are not living in a democracy. This is a fact that cannot be disputed (especially since it's so evidently clear after King George II's "victory"). It's time we decided which way it will be. Are we going to step bravely into the unknown, the very scary yet infinitely promising realm of true democracy? Or should we stick with the less-risky republic, and give up the ignorant hope that we're truly "free"? It's gone on long enough, and the longer we continue this absurd war by ignoring the fundamental causes behind it, the closer we'll come to destroying this country.

More on the revolution that's starting in Part 2...


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