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President Al Gore
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Gore,

On this Presidents' Day, I'd like to congratulate you on your exceptional election victory! You ran a hard and decent campaign. You were up against a formidable money and media/propaganda machine, and you played your cards right. I could barely keep up with you as you smartly dismissed the lame theatrics of the Bush campaign, as they repeatedly bluffed their "inevitability card", even lamely claiming that they'd win California! Too funny! But you were on it!

Your campaign alone had your finger on the pulse of the electorate. The pathetic Bush camp, of course, was waaaay off in their victory projections (like '92 and '96 - the Republicans were actually SURPRISED that they lost!).

Really, the only "mistake" you made was NOT anticipating a third-world-rate family power grab in Florida, backed by the Bush daddy's supremely kangaroo-ish court, effectively staging a judicial coup. Who can blame you for not projecting that?

You won. You won the popular vote, the Florida vote, the electoral vote and the Presidency. I know it, you know it, and even the current White House "occupant" knows it. His entire staff (Rove's Droves) ran a pathetic, losing campaign that really only achieved its goal by having Bush daddy's SCOTUS come to their rescue and finish the job at any cost.

But, as we all know (you probably most of all): things aren't that simple. Sometimes, wrong prevails. President Illegitimable occupies the White House because his daddy's SCOTUS conducted an arguably TREASONOUS act which will remain unchecked as long as there is an entire political party which won't hold them accountable.


In an extreme, hypothetic scenario, had the SCOTUS ruled, citing "promoting the general welfare" as a pretext, that "all firstborns born in 2000 must be killed", both sides of the Congressional aisle would obviously have immediately and rightly impeached them, and that senseless, terrible ruling would not be carried out. But with the Bush vs Gore ruling - an equally terrible ruling citing the equally senseless pretext of "equal protection" - we're stuck with it because the Republicans are obviously willing to do ANYTHING - even sacrifice their honor, integrity, and ideals - in order to see their boy in the White House.

So it's "the law" (whatever THAT'S worth in a Bush America without an impartial Supreme Court). And we are duty-bound, as you very well said in your concession, to accept it.

But only FOR FOUR YEARS! Surely you will run for re-election in 2004 and escort this loser from the Gore House! I'll do what I can to support you - or whoever else you support to run. (By the way, if you do run again, PLEASE make two changes - ONE: Embrace Clinton and all you both stood for. You made a mistake by accommodating IRRATIONALITY in your campaign - the irrational hatred of Bill Clinton. Luckily, shining a positive light will be easier to do after Bush tanks the economy and divides America - the contrast between Bush/Cheney and Clinton/Gore will be great. TWO: Don't let the Rabid Right define you, re: "Gore is a liar". That nonsense was actually BELIEVED by many of the, er, "less informed" electorate). It was so nonsensical it was easy for you to refute, but you didn't and that was a mistake.

Again, congratulations on your victory. You won, but you get four years off to rest up for the rebuilding you'll need to do - WE'LL ALL need to do - after the so-called "Bush Crime Family" rapes the country (again).

At your service,

Mark Walters

cc: The Honorable Senator Feinstein
    The Honorable Senator Boxer
    The Democratic National Committee

This is MW's contribution to the "Not-My-President's-Day" campaign at - you may be interested in giving them your support.

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