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Republican Morality
by Nick Wride

For eight years, the Republicans have whined and sniveled about having a lying, draft dodging drug user in the White House. Now what have they given us? A lying, draft dodging, alcoholic, drunk-driving drug user in the White House. When Bush's failings are pointed out, his defenders change the subject to Bill Clinton. Bush can't be defended or the moral phoniness of the GOP will become crystal clear.

The Republicans look away when one of their own is found to be and adulterer. When Newt Gingrich stood in front of the American people and called Clinton a bad man for having an affair and lying about it, his Republican loyalists clapped and cheered for him. Yet, Newt's affair was an open secret in Washington. A lot of people knew about it. Gingrich was seen sitting and reading his Bible while waiting for his whore to get off work. Studying morality, no doubt. Gingrich cheated on both of his wives and yet is treated like a hero by the Religious Right. And hired by Fox News.

Dan Burton, congressman from Indiana fathered a child by his mistress. Only when it was evident that this information was going to go public did Burton come forward about it. Where did the support money for this child come from? Burton loves to push for investigations, so why isn't someone looking into this? After all, Burton says that the American people need to know the truth, so let's get after the truth. Did the taxpayers pay to support his love child?

Henry Hyde, one of the main impeachment leaders, broke up the marriage of another man by having an affair with the man's wife. When this was exposed, Hyde laughed it off to a "youthful indiscretion". Hyde was in his forties at the time. Yet, the Republican God Squad has nothing harmful to say about Hyde. You see, Hyde hates Clinton, so he can do no wrong.

Sean Hannity, Fox News commentator and right wingnut, frequent guest host for Rush Limbaugh, twice complimented New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani on his character and integrity. Guiliani cheated on his wife, humiliated his wife in front of this country and Hannity has the nerve to call Guiliani a man of character and integrity? The hypocrisy is sure thick at Fox News.

The list of Republican whoremongers can go on and on but space constraints may not permit it at this time. If I can, sometime in the future, I'll write another piece on this subject. I'll just have to remember to have a barf bag handy. These people make me sick.


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