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Trump fired Sec. of Defense Esper and replaced him with Christopher Miller who issued this stand down order Botany Apr 17 #1
Thanks! And he needs to be held accountable for his inaction, people died and were critically injured on that day Rhiannon12866 Apr 17 #3
Whoa Ahpook Apr 17 #4
"They" knew it was coming. Why else would the acting Sec. of Defense, written about "riot control agents" on Botany Apr 17 #6
Chris Miller Needs To Be Arrested HandmaidsTaleUntold Apr 17 #10
The Capitol should have been better protected days before Jan 6. Capitol oversight includes both GOPers and Silent Type Apr 17 #2
Thank you. And there were Republicans in Congress who helped plan and execute the violent insurrection Rhiannon12866 Apr 17 #5
Watching it that day I could not understand why no one came to help the cap police. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #7
If they'd dropped a few at the front doors it wouldve been over in 5 mins oldsoftie Apr 17 #9
I think we all wondered while nothing was done, especially when we saw the gallows Rhiannon12866 Apr 17 #13
White male MAGA privilege. Irish_Dem Apr 18 #16
I was thinking about Reagan a minute ago when he was mentioned on Morning Joe Rhiannon12866 Apr 18 #17
Same with Bush. Blatantly lying to justify invading a foreign country. Irish_Dem Apr 18 #19
Not one thought 'fuck my career I'm helping those people' Traurigkeit Apr 17 #8
But Nancy Pelosi Lol HandmaidsTaleUntold Apr 17 #11
The BINO ("billionaire in name only") has been lying that he had 10,000 ready to help fierywoman Apr 17 #12
Kicked and recommended Uncle Joe Apr 17 #14
Rhiannon12866...........Re: 1/6/21 no authorization for Natl. Guard to intervene.... Upthevibe Apr 17 #15
and Merrick Garland Diddled with Inaction for almost Three Years. MagaSmash Apr 18 #18
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