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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Mar 15, 2020, 10:56 PM Mar 2020

Pulse of DU poll- The Biden Veepstakes [View all]

94 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Kamala Harris
52 (55%)
Stacey Abrams
8 (9%)
Elizabeth Warren
9 (10%)
Amy Klobuchar
15 (16%)
Catherine Cortez Masto
1 (1%)
Susan Rice
3 (3%)
6 (6%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Pulse of DU poll- The Biden Veepstakes [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 OP
Stacey Abrams ! stonecutter357 Mar 2020 #1
I like three of those. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #2
Joe committed to a female vice presidential running mate tonight. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #3
I understand that, thank you. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #5
Pete can be Kamala's running mate in 2024. Walleye Mar 2020 #14
Not for me. But I'd like to get through this election first. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #16
Rice for VP, Harris for SCOTUS padfun Mar 2020 #4
Obama for S.C. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #6
8. I like that. Either one. padfun Mar 2020 #10
I fear that if Rice were the choice, it would be Benghazi Benghazi 24/7 from the FailureToCommunicate Mar 2020 #17
Benghazi is a dead dog, in my opinion, and will not hunt. WheelWalker Mar 2020 #52
No hunting dog ever dies for Republicans, even dead ones will continue hunting Hunter Biden. sop Mar 2020 #80
Val Demings relayerbob Mar 2020 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author padfun Mar 2020 #8
As was discussed on CNN & MSNBC tonight left-of-center2012 Mar 2020 #9
Our vice presidential field has vastly more depth than the presidential field Awsi Dooger Mar 2020 #28
Congresswoman Val Demings from Florida FM123 Mar 2020 #11
OK. Which one can you see being a really top-notch House of Roberts Mar 2020 #12
i think he will nominate Kamala Harristo the supremes .... fullfilling his other campaign promise trueblue2007 Mar 2020 #13
Love Kamala happybird Mar 2020 #15
You could probably throw a dart and hit a good VP pick BidenBacker Mar 2020 #18
Good one! Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #95
It will be Amy. ElementaryPenguin Mar 2020 #19
Amy might be too "moderate" a ticket BidenBacker Mar 2020 #20
Actually BidenBacker Mar 2020 #22
He doesn't need Rice dansolo Mar 2020 #39
Rice doesn't have a law degree (yes I know it is not needed, but the odds are so low of that Celerity Mar 2020 #21
For me it was between Klobuchar and Harris. My wife comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #23
Wives everywhere would like Klobuchar Awsi Dooger Mar 2020 #27
Do you have evidence for those assertions? ZZenith Mar 2020 #30
Wtf? MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #43
I don't agree, Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #96
Very satisfying to be able to vote for Kamala Harris chia Mar 2020 #24
Just to throw a dark horse candidate out there... SKKY Mar 2020 #25
I'm hoping he has Sally Yates slotted as AG dansolo Mar 2020 #40
That would be the obvious choice, for sure... SKKY Mar 2020 #45
Kick. EOM TruckFump Mar 2020 #26
How about Tammy Duckworth? Bayard Mar 2020 #29
ITA about Duckworth. (eom) StevieM Mar 2020 #32
someone other than former candidates quickesst Mar 2020 #31
Tammy Duckworth. (eom) StevieM Mar 2020 #33
yes !I'm glad you brought Tammy's name up. RicROC Mar 2020 #34
Tammy Duckworth is Asian-American. (eom) StevieM Mar 2020 #35
She would be an excellent choice Jose Garcia Mar 2020 #93
Wait, what? Not a single vote for Bloomberg? Bucky Mar 2020 #36
Harris doesn't make much sense Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #37
Warren was my choice for Prez Sucha NastyWoman Mar 2020 #38
She would definitely help with progressives Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #46
We progressives already support Biden Kaleva Mar 2020 #41
Not in enough numbers Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #47
You are talking about the fake progressives Kaleva Mar 2020 #83
Maybe so Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #84
I'd rather spit in their faces. Figuratively speaking of course. Kaleva Mar 2020 #88
I understand your feelings Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #91
i love all the ladies listed but Kamala by far is the best fit for Joe onetexan Mar 2020 #42
Great post. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #44
Excellent first two points. Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #50
i respectfully disagree, experience is always important, but esp'ly in this election onetexan Mar 2020 #51
If experience mattered Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #54
Each of those past elections had many other factors that heavily influenced the elections onetexan Mar 2020 #55
Nor does it make sense to claim Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #56
LOL i can see this is going nowhere so let's just agree to disagree onetexan Mar 2020 #57
You mean Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #63
oh stop the BS. At this point u're just trying to egg me on. Not wasting my time. Adios. onetexan Mar 2020 #64
No I'm pointing out Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #66
Sorry, but today, in this dangerous climate, all bets are off. Experience equals stability. Ninga Mar 2020 #60
Show me an example Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #62
Show me an election that had the exact dynamics we are experiencing now. All bets off, means Ninga Mar 2020 #67
No election has the same dynamics as another Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #68
"Experience doesn't matter" is a ludicrous assertion. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #76
Show an example in any election that it did. Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #81
You made the assertion. Your responsibility to support it with evidence. LanternWaste Mar 2020 #89
If experience mattered Trump wouldn't be President Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #90
Yes!!! spicysista Mar 2020 #61
Agree with all points, plus it will be fun watching her debate Pence (if he's still on the ticket). PunkinPi Mar 2020 #65
that would be quite a fun debate to watch her drag him thru the mud wouldn't it? onetexan Mar 2020 #69
Yes it would. PunkinPi Mar 2020 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author pinkstarburst Mar 2020 #48
Val Demings needs to be in that list. honest.abe Mar 2020 #49
She's a first time Rep! Bayard Mar 2020 #77
That is an issue but she has a interesting background that could play well to voters. honest.abe Mar 2020 #79
Some people seem to think black women are all interchangeable, and it's sad. nt PunkinPi Mar 2020 #85
I'm for Val Demings, too, but Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams would also be wonderful. LaMouffette Mar 2020 #53
Not just a Harley rider. Val also had the badge to go with one! FailureToCommunicate Mar 2020 #70
Great picture! LaMouffette Mar 2020 #74
Belated welcome to DU! FailureToCommunicate Mar 2020 #82
Thank you! LaMouffette Mar 2020 #86
VP must have legislative experience and a history of understanding the dynamics of Ninga Mar 2020 #58
There are a few, like Harris and Klobuchar, who might well do better in... TreasonousBastard Mar 2020 #59
Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden has been my pick from the beginning. Maru Kitteh Mar 2020 #72
Michelle Obama n/t Odoreida Mar 2020 #73
Any discussion of Biden's VP should consider the real possibility of Nikki Haley as Trump's VP. honest.abe Mar 2020 #75
Val Demmings mikelgb Mar 2020 #78
Kyrsten Sinema n/t Shrek Mar 2020 #87
Kyrsten Sinema Jose Garcia Mar 2020 #92
Warren would be a nice choice, but Tammy Baldwin is younger mvd Mar 2020 #94
Harris is pretty progressive, too. Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #97
She's another good choice mvd Mar 2020 #98
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