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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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8. About what I'd expect from his campaign. Is she the Kelly Anne Conway of the left?
Wed Feb 19, 2020, 09:32 AM
Feb 2020

More hidden stuff. No thank you. Smacks of Trump.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Nope RandySF Feb 2020 #1
Nice deflection there PatSeg Feb 2020 #2
That's exactly what it looks like. I'm glad that people are catching on. NurseJackie Feb 2020 #4
Ha! NurseJackie Feb 2020 #3
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #5
I favor all of the candidates releasing thier medical records, dware Feb 2020 #6
"I can't get hired to do a stupid fucking movie without a medical exam.." Cha Feb 2020 #23
Wow!! dware Feb 2020 #27
You're Welcome, dware.. Cha Feb 2020 #34
bribri knows a lot about smear campaigns. lapucelle Feb 2020 #7
So sad.. Cha Feb 2020 #35
About what I'd expect from his campaign. Is she the Kelly Anne Conway of the left? apcalc Feb 2020 #8
Sure does. I think it's brave to say it. LakeArenal Feb 2020 #28
+1 we need to keep at it, don't let up my friend apcalc Feb 2020 #45
Amy is a okay for me, too. LakeArenal Feb 2020 #46
I see no problem asking all of the candidates for their health records. 33taw Feb 2020 #9
She also claimed it was akin to birtherism mcar Feb 2020 #10
President Obama Released the Long Forrm of his Birth Certificate, Cha Feb 2020 #31
There is nothing wrong with voters wanting to make sure... Sloumeau Feb 2020 #11
To see the toll it takes on a person, dware Feb 2020 #15
They never stop. Squinch Feb 2020 #12
He had a heart attack and the waters parted. MrsCoffee Feb 2020 #13
He released as much as Biden and Liz did. If that's not good enough for the media fuck em. Autumn Feb 2020 #14
That makes lying about Bloomberg OK? TwilightZone Feb 2020 #16
That makes lying about Bernie OK? Autumn Feb 2020 #19
"Bernie Sanders Promised to Release 'All the Medical Records' Following Heart Attack" Cha Feb 2020 #29
Anything negative about Sanders is "a smear campaign" but anything negative about anybody else is gollygee Feb 2020 #17
If we keep Turbineguy Feb 2020 #18
Bloomberg has two stents. Let's see his medical records. Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #20
Let's see all of the candidates records. dware Feb 2020 #24
He released what Biden and Warren released. Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #26
That's not what I asked, dware Feb 2020 #30
I have no idea if they did or didn't. How can I answer that? Do they get asked about Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #32
Here's a clue, dware Feb 2020 #37
Oh okay. If that's what a reasonable person concludes then Sanders will not win Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #40
Reasonable people, like yourself, dware Feb 2020 #41
That's me. Reasonable! Let's hope we stay that way thru the Primaries. Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #44
No, it's called concern about the health of the man who may be elected to lead the country. Arkansas Granny Feb 2020 #21
I've made by peace with Democratic Presidential candidates in their mid to late 70's Tom Rinaldo Feb 2020 #22
Liars and Propagandists.... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #25
Dear Dems.... berksdem Feb 2020 #33
Dear Dems, Please don't make both of us vote for Bernie. LakeArenal Feb 2020 #47
right there with you LakeArenal! berksdem Feb 2020 #49
No, the equivalent of a flight physical. gordianot Feb 2020 #36
What a difference four years has made here at DU Jake Stern Feb 2020 #38
The problem being that Bernie said he would release his records, dware Feb 2020 #39
No the problem is the rank hypocrisy Jake Stern Feb 2020 #42
Well, for the record, dware Feb 2020 #43
please state the date Hillary had a heart attack dsc Feb 2020 #48
That's not true showblue22 Feb 2020 #51
Hillary's records are Transparent.. everyone running for president Shoud BE Cha Feb 2020 #53
It should scare DU to fucking death that Blue_Tires Feb 2020 #50
Tulsi Gabbard? Oh great. dem4decades Feb 2020 #52
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