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Democratic Primaries

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Wed Apr 3, 2019, 09:21 PM Apr 2019

Laurence Tribe, the Constitutional law prof at Harvard, has concerns about Bernie. [View all]

Laurence Tribe

I do have serious concerns about Bernie’s integrity. If he were to become the nominee, the troubling Vermont history would be just the tip of the iceberg that Trump & Co would chip away at relentlessly. He needs thorough vetting NOW, before it’s too late.
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Wow! Laurence Tribe is on the same Cha Apr 2019 #1
We're all better off vetting everybody during the primaries, and not waiting till the general. pnwmom Apr 2019 #2
The repugs still have their unused oppo research on Sanders from 2016... brush Apr 2019 #33
ALL of this 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 Apr 2019 #154
Yeah, we know it Cha Apr 2019 #189
Left-wing ideologues don't understand it, and I'm afraid Hortensis Apr 2019 #130
Same Page As Me For Sure Me. Apr 2019 #6
Hoa Aloha, Me! Cha Apr 2019 #9
... Me. Apr 2019 #11
You taught me that.. I"ve been Cha Apr 2019 #12
+1 Historic NY Apr 2019 #188
Will Prof.Tribe soon find himself looking up at the underside of a bus chassis? The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #3
Not by anyone who isn't leftynyc Apr 2019 #64
That he is. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #65
Exactly! Look at the votes. ecstatic Apr 2019 #4
+1 dalton99a Apr 2019 #7
Environmental dumping, taxes, Russian support in 2016, wife's college funding issues, allgood33 Apr 2019 #76
We need look into candidates who are friendly to big pharna and Betsy Devos. CentralMass Apr 2019 #103
MY Thinking Exactly Me. Apr 2019 #5
I think Sanders has been vetted more than most of the Democratic candidates Jarqui Apr 2019 #8
Old Towne Media is the question a lot of people have. I agree with you pnwmom Apr 2019 #10
It got some scrutiny but many good and serious questions remain Jarqui Apr 2019 #21
No one in the media took sanders seriously and so sanders has never been vetted Gothmog Apr 2019 #15
So the 2016 Clinton campaign didn't vet their opponent? I think not. Jarqui Apr 2019 #20
sanders was treated with kid gloves by the Clinton campaing Gothmog Apr 2019 #22
What, the oppo research that has been around for 47 years but everybody is Jarqui Apr 2019 #34
A portion has been posted on this board and more will come Gothmog Apr 2019 #35
A bunch of this is nonsense Jarqui Apr 2019 #44
Denial is not just a river in Africa Gothmog Apr 2019 #47
No facts or evidence? You are selling someone's innuendo. Jarqui Apr 2019 #49
LOL-Denial is really funny Gothmog Apr 2019 #50
disagree AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #54
There are too many real democrats who have long memories Gothmog Apr 2019 #274
Jesus Christ. The BRUISING on his face! That was one hell of a head strike. Maru Kitteh Apr 2019 #271
Videos like this will come out if sanders is the nominee Gothmog Apr 2019 #36
thanks for posting this AlexSFCA Apr 2019 #52
There are a large number of similar videos waiting to be used Gothmog Apr 2019 #57
I say no problem. People like Bernie and his policies and he's running against a neo nazi CentralMass Apr 2019 #109
To be clear. sheshe2 Apr 2019 #117
In my experience, one can argue with a Berniebot, but you can't reason with one. WheelWalker Apr 2019 #163
so much this Maru Kitteh Apr 2019 #273
And those Democrats are pretty good! dawg day Apr 2019 #203
What makes me want to "leave the room and puke" is his praise for Fidel's "Revolution" Maru Kitteh Apr 2019 #272
Yup, slim to none. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2019 #229
Now that's funny. CentralMass Apr 2019 #110
Actually, that's true. That's why the 24 whistleblowers leaked their own letter. lapucelle Apr 2019 #166
sanders was not vetted by the press and the Clinton campaign treated sanders with kid gloves Gothmog Apr 2019 #23
The Republicans were testing anti Hillary ads in something like Nov 2013? Jarqui Apr 2019 #24
So you agree that there is a great deal of Oppo on sanders now? Gothmog Apr 2019 #58
More Nonsense Jarqui Apr 2019 #69
Denial is not just a river in Africa Gothmog Apr 2019 #70
More nonsense Jarqui Apr 2019 #74
And yet sanders cannot get many African Americans to attend his events Gothmog Apr 2019 #75
What part of this from my last post didn't you comprehend? Jarqui Apr 2019 #77
Biden and a couple other candidates would also beat sanders with African American voters Gothmog Apr 2019 #102
Let's see what some of the facts say Jarqui Apr 2019 #118
LOL Sanders was a light weight in civil rights movement and cannot compare to John Lewis Gothmog Apr 2019 #120
Right, we have Bernie Sanders who was involved with civil rights movement to the point that he CentralMass Apr 2019 #123
See my post #128.... George II Apr 2019 #129
Every time that question is asked, crickets. Even Bernie has nothing...except Kahuna7 Apr 2019 #185
It always amazes me that Senator Sanders refused to vote against Governor Wallace KitSileya Apr 2019 #190
+1 betsuni Apr 2019 #192
Not to mention, he could have voted in 1962 KitSileya Apr 2019 #193
It only took 123 responses BannonsLiver Apr 2019 #261
More nonsense. The video can explain it Jarqui Apr 2019 #134
LOL-I am laughing so hard that it hurts Gothmog Apr 2019 #143
I won't watch videos of Cenk Uygur or The Young Turks. First, for years he, as a native of Turkey.. George II Apr 2019 #146
Wow! Thanks for that background info on Cenk. He's a real piece of work, ain't he? NurseJackie Apr 2019 #149
Apparently sometimes Cenk "articulates" things so well to some people lapucelle Apr 2019 #172
Cenk is not reliable Gothmog Apr 2019 #220
What he articulates to me, is just fine, with respect to Sanders, Jarqui Apr 2019 #169
Cenk and Greenwald are really sad sources Gothmog Apr 2019 #181
"My brand shares a name with a genocidal movement, but it's too late to change it." lapucelle Apr 2019 #174
As the SNL Church Lady used to say, "how conveeeeenient"! George II Apr 2019 #177
Who names his media /online presence after a genocidal movement? lapucelle Apr 2019 #164
I could care less. As the article says Jarqui Apr 2019 #168
You posted a Cenk Uygur video. The response was to you. lapucelle Apr 2019 #170
I know, right?! Anyone who relies Cha Apr 2019 #173
Oh goodie for me! It's in the archive, and now I have a screenshot. lapucelle Apr 2019 #175
.. Cha Apr 2019 #176
Apparently, Cenk's default position is to deny the existence of all sorts of stuff. lapucelle Apr 2019 #178
Yeah, cenk and his ILK are Cha Apr 2019 #180
More Cenk.. Cha Apr 2019 #183
Here is the basis for the video: Jarqui Apr 2019 #184
There is a difference between shooting the messenger and not trusting the messenger. lapucelle Apr 2019 #195
John Lewis, the congressman who "slighted" well-known civil rights icon BS lapucelle Apr 2019 #196
Fans of civil rights icon BS repaid the "slight" by trolling and ultimately booing Lewis lapucelle Apr 2019 #197
I was there when this occured Gothmog Apr 2019 #206
That's exactly the point. Lewis NEVER said Sanders wasn't in Alabama back then (he wasn't).... George II Apr 2019 #200
How dare John Lewis "slight" a beloved civil rights icon by saying lapucelle Apr 2019 #201
I trust John Lewis on this issue Gothmog Apr 2019 #207
Yeah, and for that he gets this from BS' Cha Apr 2019 #225
Isn't that tweet from the person BS hired to help craft his national message? lapucelle Apr 2019 #227
Yes, I'm sure she's doing a hellava job Cha Apr 2019 #228
Want to shoot the Messenger at 538.com? They said very similar stuff as Cenk Jarqui Apr 2019 #198
42% of Vermont voters favored Hallquist in October according to local reports. lapucelle Apr 2019 #199
42% undecided in October? These polls don't say that Jarqui Apr 2019 #211
My apologies...that 42% was Hallquist's number as reported by the local press. lapucelle Apr 2019 #215
From what I've seen, she did not run a good campaign. Jarqui Apr 2019 #217
Did anyone from Vermont (besides Sen Leahy) offer to raise funds with Hallquist? lapucelle Apr 2019 #221
I saw that you posted a picture and I was hoping to see some on white attendees Gothmog Apr 2019 #205
Don't have to. We have something where someone did the counting for us Jarqui Apr 2019 #214
These polls really do not help Gothmog Apr 2019 #219
Bernie did not attack John Lewis. That's not true. Jarqui Apr 2019 #222
I was at the convention and I saw the booing and worst behavior Gothmog Apr 2019 #230
I am still waiting for pictures or video of non whites attending a sanders event Gothmog Apr 2019 #204
Cenk Uygur IS "The Young Turks"! He was born in Istanbul and for years denied the existence... George II Apr 2019 #171
It doesn't matter to me what else Cenk has said or done in his life. Jarqui Apr 2019 #186
LOL. facts do matter in the real world Gothmog Apr 2019 #182
"When the black leadership doesn't have their thumb on the scale" - what does that mean? And.... George II Apr 2019 #128
This Jarqui Apr 2019 #132
What did he DO, not what did he say? I don't see anything specific that he did, like.... George II Apr 2019 #133
Bernie is an Independent. He is not a party. Jarqui Apr 2019 #135
But we hear all the time that he caucuses with the Democrats. George II Apr 2019 #137
Biden Voted for the crime bill too Jarqui Apr 2019 #140
I know that, but we keep hearing from Sanders surrogates that he was against the 1994.... George II Apr 2019 #144
I think you are confusing what people are saying. Jarqui Apr 2019 #153
There seems to be some confusion... lapucelle Apr 2019 #233
I do not think I am the one confused. I think Chuck Todd is. Jarqui Apr 2019 #236
If BS voted for the Crime Bill because of the assault weapons ban, lapucelle Apr 2019 #237
No. I heartily disagree. That is not factually correct or fair. It's wrong and misleading. Jarqui Apr 2019 #238
BS voted for versions of the Crime Bill that did not contain the assault weapons ban. lapucelle Apr 2019 #239
Post removed Post removed Apr 2019 #243
"Please expound on your reading problem"? What does that even mean? lapucelle Apr 2019 #246
Where in the original bill is there anything about incarceration Jarqui Apr 2019 #250
BS claimed that he voted for the Crime Bill because it included an assault weapons ban. lapucelle Apr 2019 #254
I think we have to deal with one thing at a time because you're having a problem Jarqui Apr 2019 #255
First things first. lapucelle Apr 2019 #256
Post removed Post removed Apr 2019 #257
You smell a conspiracy between Politifact and the Clinton Foundation? lapucelle Apr 2019 #258
Ah, now we come to it. Hekate Apr 2019 #260
Why did you post links to right wing sources that disputed the honesty of fact checkers lapucelle Apr 2019 #240
Show me the link where I did that nt Jarqui Apr 2019 #241
Show me the source links for your anti-fact checker story. lapucelle Apr 2019 #242
You are the one who accused me of using Dally Caller Jarqui Apr 2019 #244
The story you reference, first published in September 2016, was exclusive to The Daily Caller . lapucelle Apr 2019 #245
Why are you alleging corruption on the part of Politifact and the Democratic general election lapucelle Apr 2019 #248
Biden wrote, sponsored, and achieved enactment of the Violence Against Women Act... lapucelle Apr 2019 #234
As I said in the post below it to clarify Jarqui Apr 2019 #235
Here's a record of his amendments proposed & passed Jarqui Apr 2019 #136
I thought he's been a leader in the Senate? Leaders write and introduce legislation.... George II Apr 2019 #138
There's theory. And then there is the practice. Jarqui Apr 2019 #145
Impressive. Twenty eight years, six bills passed, during only three sessions (2/102, 1/109, 3/113) George II Apr 2019 #148
So what is the yardstick? 10 bills passed over that time? Jarqui Apr 2019 #156
What would you use as a "yardstick", anything of substance? By the way, it's a well known fact.... George II Apr 2019 #157
Nancy Pelosi was in the House for 16 years before she became minority leader Jarqui Apr 2019 #160
Look at this list. How many times did Pelosi vote? George II Apr 2019 #161
As you should know, there are a whole bunch of procedural or insignificant votes Jarqui Apr 2019 #162
Sanders has no legislate accomplishment in the real world Gothmog Apr 2019 #194
A Toast to Barney Frank -- he's missed Hekate Apr 2019 #262
You need to read up on how congress works. nt Jarqui Apr 2019 #213
I'm very familiar with how Congress works. George II Apr 2019 #216
Then you would already know they do not give people outside their party, Jarqui Apr 2019 #218
Not being a member of the Democratic Party is his choice, he hasn't been barred from joining.... George II Apr 2019 #223
"Not being a member of a party hasn't hindered him from introducing or co-sponsoring bills." Jarqui Apr 2019 #231
I would carefully check any sources being used in support of the claims. lapucelle Apr 2019 #249
LOL a number of Senators are far more effective compared to sanders Gothmog Apr 2019 #209
As I've stated before, Sanders is an Independent Jarqui Apr 2019 #212
And yet few if any non-whites attend sanders events Gothmog Apr 2019 #147
He did vote in favore of the Crime Bill in the 1990's. Does that count? lapucelle Apr 2019 #165
"thumb on the scale"? KitSileya Apr 2019 #191
I am hoping that sanders stays in long enough to have to go before a newspaper editorial board Gothmog Apr 2019 #108
Some more facts to be ignore Gothmog Apr 2019 #210
For this thread Gothmog Apr 2019 #266
I simply wont say anything anymore, you know who wins Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #107
I have heard this several times but i don't think it is factual. CentralMass Apr 2019 #264
Really? Gothmog Apr 2019 #265
Your photos are small section of the crowd. View the large photo that shows the entire crowd. CentralMass Apr 2019 #267
Denial is not just a river in Africa Gothmog Apr 2019 #268
Are you really backing Mayor Pete or Bernie? redstatebluegirl Apr 2019 #151
Mayor Pete Jarqui Apr 2019 #155
I just found this little discussion. pangaia Apr 2019 #127
You are really knocking yourself out on this. CentralMass Apr 2019 #111
Not really Gothmog Apr 2019 #119
Don't forget his anti-immigrant comments on Lou Dobbs show. comradebillyboy Apr 2019 #56
If he gets the nomination, the republicans won't be calling him a Socialist. Mr.Bill Apr 2019 #29
The GOP will have a ton of videos to use in these efforts Gothmog Apr 2019 #71
OMG no THE OPPOSITE Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #106
I agree with Prof. Tribe Gothmog Apr 2019 #13
Same here. Blue_true Apr 2019 #14
Yes, it will only help him. CentralMass Apr 2019 #112
If Bernie has something to disclose why not rip the band aid off now? Aaron Pereira Apr 2019 #16
Yes... comradebillyboy Apr 2019 #17
Lawrence Tribe speaks for me. I stand with Laurence Tribe. NurseJackie Apr 2019 #18
Ditto. nt cwydro Apr 2019 #43
Same here (n/t) leftynyc Apr 2019 #66
I just saw that pop up on my news feed!! Peacetrain Apr 2019 #19
I think Bernie is getting vetted at last NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #25
This will lead to him over taking Biden after he is vetted. CentralMass Apr 2019 #114
Riiigghhht! NastyRiffraff Apr 2019 #141
I was referring Biden being vetted. CentralMass Apr 2019 #150
I have more than concerns... handmade34 Apr 2019 #26
That's a shame for you. Kentonio Apr 2019 #124
Laurance Tribe will be going through a vetting process soon, too. juxtaposed Apr 2019 #27
The essays too n/t BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #28
One of my Biggest Concerns About Bernie is his Vote for Blanket Immunity for Gun Manufacturers dlk Apr 2019 #30
Yes, that's impossible to justify. n/t pnwmom Apr 2019 #31
I look back at some of Joe Bidens votes like that 2005 Bankruptcy bill that he championed CentralMass Apr 2019 #115
Interesting article Mel Apr 2019 #32
Attacking Prof. Tribe is very amusing Gothmog Apr 2019 #37
Ha! Ha! Yea Mel Apr 2019 #45
If anyone does not support sanders, they are attacked Gothmog Apr 2019 #48
I have that treatise too. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #92
I have learned new things this day! betsuni Apr 2019 #97
No criminal defendant would ever be able to hire a lawyer The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #99
I'd hate to need a lawyer in Purity World! betsuni Apr 2019 #100
I amjured in civil rights/first amendment using that treatise Gothmog Apr 2019 #121
But he's an evil Republican because he criticized Bernie! The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #122
I was very amused by these "attacks" on Prof. tribe Gothmog Apr 2019 #125
They were both funny and lame. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #131
How about Ben Cohen.. former BS fan.. he's Cha Apr 2019 #39
Wow workinclasszero Apr 2019 #46
Yawwwnnnnnnn leftynyc Apr 2019 #67
Those of us who want trump out all Cha Apr 2019 #38
I can't stand Sirota, but if Biden is really saying that Social Security can only be saved pnwmom Apr 2019 #40
I see.. well, thanks for that Cha Apr 2019 #41
Bernie always talked about eliminating the cap -- period -- pnwmom Apr 2019 #42
That was from back when Sirota said he "wasn't working for Sanders" when he really was. George II Apr 2019 #142
Grand slam. tymorial Apr 2019 #51
What is his "troubling Vermont history"? Politicub Apr 2019 #53
I have no clue but i'll bet there is nothing there. CentralMass Apr 2019 #116
Well, one thing that I've been interested in ... frazzled Apr 2019 #232
Definitely agree with Laurence Tribe. nt jrthin Apr 2019 #55
Just some basic electioneering on the part of Mr. Tribe. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #59
When one cannot attack the message BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #60
True. Bernie's message is resonating and that scares the shit out of Tribe Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #63
Do you know a single damn thing about Laurence Tribe? The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #68
Very aware of Mr. Tribe's resume perhaps you aren't. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #81
Lawyers argue cases for their clients' interests, not their personal ideology. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #86
I guess you're using the "I was only following orders" defense. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #89
Suit yourself, you can believe whatever you want. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #90
Thanks for that. True Blue American Apr 2019 #93
... BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #72
Obviously you don't know a lot about Mr. Tribe. Let me help. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #84
When (if) Bernie ever releases his tax returns, will we discover The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #87
Non-sequitur.This topic was about Mr. Tribe and his electioneering. Not Sanders tax returns. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #88
You said Tribe is not liberal because he defended a corporation in court, The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #91
Tribe believes in the "corporations are people doctrine." That is not liberal nor progressive. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #94
Actually he's been a strong opponent of the Citizens United case. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #95
You are misrepresenting Laurence Tribe's opinion on Citizens United. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #96
That isn't the same as arguing the logic was correct, and Tribe's analysis is more nuanced The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2019 #98
And you have a pro-Bernie bias. Basic electioneering. nt pnwmom Apr 2019 #61
I have a pro-truth bias. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #62
Do you know the truth BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #73
Nothing being hidden. Looking forward to 10 years being released after tax day. Power 2 the People Apr 2019 #83
mmmm kay nt BlueFlorida Apr 2019 #105
Holy crap... sfwriter Apr 2019 #79
Yup workinclasszero Apr 2019 #113
You realize this is a criticism of Clinton as well. sfwriter Apr 2019 #78
Hillary released DECADES of tax returns. Bernie, after much prodding, finally pnwmom Apr 2019 #80
Yeah, I listed it. sfwriter Apr 2019 #82
I'm confused. Which Clinton is running for prez "this time around"? Hekate Apr 2019 #263
I can't figure that one out either. sfwriter Apr 2019 #158
Right. If he doesn't think he made enough charitable donations or whatever, dump them pnwmom Apr 2019 #159
I half wonder if he just doesn't give a fuck. sfwriter Apr 2019 #187
could be he's making them bullet proof because they are the only unknowns floppyboo Apr 2019 #202
That's a lot of I's and T's! sfwriter Apr 2019 #224
Or she wanted not to damage Bernie too much namahage Apr 2019 #139
Thank you and jdu Apr 2019 #85
That's nice CentralMass Apr 2019 #101
Go ahead. Nothing is stopping anyone from digging and publicizing. aikoaiko Apr 2019 #104
ALL Dem candidates need a complete vetting process. Yes. simple as that. riversedge Apr 2019 #126
I have my concerns about Bernie katmondoo Apr 2019 #152
Yes. I grew up about 2 miles from where he did in Brooklyn (he's only 7 years older than me).... George II Apr 2019 #179
So do I. TreasonousBastard Apr 2019 #167
I really like the way DUrec keeps a list of the 'Concerned' Circle. Sunlei Apr 2019 #208
Washington Post-The press can't let Sanders duck the hard questions Cha Apr 2019 #226
There is an agenda out there to make sure no Democrat wins and it aint just from cons Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #252
I actually question his common sense Blue_Tires Apr 2019 #247
There may be a REASON for all that though. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2019 #251
Exactly, he isn't as pure as the driven snow. Historic NY Apr 2019 #253
+1 Cha Apr 2019 #270
Tribe is highly respected mcar Apr 2019 #259
From Prof. Tribe Gothmog Apr 2019 #269
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