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Democratic Primaries

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Uncle Joe

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Sun Feb 24, 2019, 12:16 PM Feb 2019

2020 Dems can't tell Bernie to lay down and die when it's his economic agenda they are hawking [View all]


Yet, toward the end of his column Friedman does concede, albeit kind of nonchalantly, that today “most families are too weak to . . . pass along the American dream to their kids.”


As a Feb. 20 report from the Economic Policy Institute documented in the years between 1979 and 2017 productivity spiked 70.3 percent, while worker pay went up just 11.1 percent.

EPI researchers make the historical point that in the 30 years after World War ll there was not this pronounced disparity between American worker productivity and their compensation. Is it just coincidental that this post-war period also saw a more broad-based prosperity with the expansion of the middle class and the growth of the American labor movement?


The EPI “State of Working America Wages 2018” analysis also shows that as productivity grew six times the rate of worker compensation. EPI's post-Great Recession data showed “not only rising inequality in general, but also the persistence, and in some cases worsening, of wage gaps by gender and race" and that the growing divergence between productivity and compensation was “at the root of numerous American economic challenges."



This is a good read, it was difficult in choosing only four paragraphs.
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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Are we already calling foul before the whistle is blown Trenzalore Feb 2019 #1
'calling foul before the whistle is blown'...perfect description comradebillyboy Feb 2019 #3
Hillary sat on a lot of opposition research on Sanders Trenzalore Feb 2019 #5
Let's hope he is properly vetted this time. comradebillyboy Feb 2019 #14
+1000. ehrnst Feb 2019 #86
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ still_one Feb 2019 #35
From the website that brought us Ha Ha Goodman. CrossingTheRubicon Feb 2019 #2
I certainly don't consider myself to be a Democratic Socialist and comradebillyboy Feb 2019 #4
With you all all points. CrossingTheRubicon Feb 2019 #6
OMG not Democratic Socialism!!! I suggest you pick another candidate then LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #32
She has already stated she's not a Democratic Socialist. comradebillyboy Feb 2019 #58
"universal healthcare" is by definintion socialist LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #64
Don't forget Walter Bragman SharonClark Feb 2019 #11
no bona fide Democrat? Lazy Daisy Feb 2019 #16
I think Goodman got banned from twitter. WeekiWater Feb 2019 #66
It's a better opinion piece than the Salon headline suggests SharonClark Feb 2019 #7
He shouldn't "lay down and die" he should run in the primary and see what happens. Agschmid Feb 2019 #8
When I read that headline, my first thought was Politicub Feb 2019 #10
It's not Sanders, it's a narrative and we are all expected to fall for it. Agschmid Feb 2019 #12
look right here on DU Lazy Daisy Feb 2019 #17
No kidding right? workinclasszero Feb 2019 #22
Gee, I guess what is good for the goose isn't good for the gander, huh, because that is the same still_one Feb 2019 #36
well Lazy Daisy Feb 2019 #63
I agree Lazy Daisy, "Bernie through the years." Uncle Joe Feb 2019 #67
Well said. CentralMass Feb 2019 #79
His economic agenda is incomplete. Politicub Feb 2019 #9
I completely agree pandr32 Feb 2019 #27
His economic agenda is not original. Democrats have pushed most of these things before Bernie allgood33 Feb 2019 #49
Oh please.. Kentonio Feb 2019 #85
Is HA Goodman back at Salon? Democratic candidates can certainly discuss Democratic ideas that Demsrule86 Feb 2019 #13
salon article says "lie down' which is gramatically correct nt msongs Feb 2019 #15
That is a good read... WordsMatter Feb 2019 #18
'Cause it's all about Bernie, all the time. Adrahil Feb 2019 #19
"Its all about Bernie, all the time" LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #47
Lol... whatevs Adrahil Feb 2019 #48
Sure whatevs LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #55
+1000 Thekaspervote Feb 2019 #69
No it's not. That "agenda" has existed long before Sanders ever came up with it. George II Feb 2019 #20
This one can. Wish he would. Nt. Amimnoch Feb 2019 #21
Great article! workinclasszero Feb 2019 #23
This is the DEMOCRATIC agenda, murielm99 Feb 2019 #24
In 2016 the Democratic Party agenda didn't look like Bernie's. mwooldri Feb 2019 #34
Hillarious watching the anti-Bernie crowd scramble to embrace his platform LiberalLovinLug Feb 2019 #37
It's amazing to see the appropriation workinclasszero Feb 2019 #41
Are you even serious? workinclasszero Feb 2019 #39
The answer is probably "yes". lapucelle Feb 2019 #57
It has been for a long time, a LONG time. How quickly we forget. George II Feb 2019 #51
Aaaaand....here we go again! NastyRiffraff Feb 2019 #65
Check out the swag on the BS 2020 website. It's the only page thats's up. N/T lapucelle Feb 2019 #68
No thanks. George II Feb 2019 #72
Good grief, Charlie Brown. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #25
no one who wants to run should be dissuaded from running nor attacked for running yaesu Feb 2019 #26
Ditto Bernie42020 Feb 2019 #40
Okay, that's fine, but when he gets eliminated in early March I hope he doesn't start complaining.. George II Feb 2019 #50
Oh, he will NastyRiffraff Feb 2019 #87
Thanks. elleng Feb 2019 #28
Oh good grief! Bernie didn't come up with the Democratic "agenda". NurseJackie Feb 2019 #29
Thank you Nurse Jackie. murielm99 Feb 2019 #44
GMTA! NurseJackie Feb 2019 #46
People in Congress have been calling for Election Day to be a national holiday for decades.... George II Feb 2019 #54
Plus there's a bonus in this article not fooled Feb 2019 #30
Sidebar shadowmayor Feb 2019 #31
Bernie has no agenda keepFocused06 Feb 2019 #33
His Dalily News interview from 2016 wasn't particularly enlightening in that regard still_one Feb 2019 #38
That endorsement interview is worth a second read. lapucelle Feb 2019 #45
+10 at140 Feb 2019 #78
That's a classic. betsuni Feb 2019 #80
I hear a lot of "we-oughta" and "we-needa," but no realistic plans.... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #43
Precisely - it's always "we need to....", never "I will". I saw tweets the last day or two... George II Feb 2019 #52
"we need to...." sacto95834 Feb 2019 #74
I believe Obama actually said "we WILL", but I could be wrong. I prefer that my President.... George II Feb 2019 #75
When Chris Hayes asked BS what legislature he'd prioritize if president, he couldn't say. betsuni Feb 2019 #70
K & R Duppers Feb 2019 #42
Where is Bernie's economic policies? wasupaloopa Feb 2019 #53
There's nothing on the BS 2020 site except an email address gate, a donation page, and a store. lapucelle Feb 2019 #59
this is his campaign's best play from 2016 bigtree Feb 2019 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author WeekiWater Feb 2019 #60
Bernie: take classic Democratic policies, call it something slightly different, claim it's new. betsuni Feb 2019 #61
:) "There go the Democrats. I must follow them, for I am their leader." Hortensis Feb 2019 #71
Lol cat memes are suppose to be shorter. NT WeekiWater Feb 2019 #62
There are some valid reasons to not support sanders Gothmog Feb 2019 #73
2020 Sanders can't offer a different path when others are running on 'his' economic agenda either. Lancero Feb 2019 #76
"Sanders Has an Advantage, and It's Not About Economics" Uncle Joe Feb 2019 #77
Once again, you CANT vote NO on Russian sanctions and then claim Putin is on your "list". MrsCoffee Feb 2019 #82
+1000. ehrnst Feb 2019 #84
Great post! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #81
You know that there are a very large number of real democrats who have long memories Gothmog Feb 2019 #83
It doesn't matter whose agenda it is forklift Feb 2019 #88
"Annointed it and brought it to the masses?" ehrnst Apr 2019 #91
"They are hawking"? Aren't "the" also "us"? George II Feb 2019 #89
Anti-Dem Bob Hennelly... Bernie cheerleader, fond of the term "Wall Street Neo-liberal" ehrnst Apr 2019 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author ehrnst Apr 2019 #92
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