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Democratic Primaries

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Fri Nov 29, 2019, 02:58 PM Nov 2019

Joe Biden is not a Boomer. Just so you know. [View all]

He's a member of the silent generation. So is Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren is a Boomer, though.

Of the three leading primary candidates, only one is a Boomer. The other two were born before WWII ended.

Does that matter? Not really, but the "OK Boomer" sayers get it wrong with Biden and Sanders. They're wartime babies. They don't really have a well-known generational profile. That's why they're called the Silent Generation.

Just pointing that out. As it happens, I was born in 1945, about a week before the Hiroshima bomb was dropped. On the day I was born, my father was in North Africa, flying people around in a B-17. For him, the war was already over. I'm not a Boomer, either, by most definitions, although I consider myself part of that generation.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Apparently it's now about more than just age now for young adults. redqueen Nov 2019 #1
What mindset? MineralMan Nov 2019 #4
The type to claim young people today don't deserve empathy? redqueen Nov 2019 #7
I doubt that any of those candidates feel that way about young people. MineralMan Nov 2019 #10
Nice word myth. thewhollytoast Nov 2019 #30
How old were you when you "heard this myth"? Also, the "greatest generation" wasn't... Hekate Nov 2019 #52
Who benefits from intergenerational bickering? Chemisse Nov 2019 #54
I don't think the Boomers were supposed to be better than their parents. They were napi21 Nov 2019 #77
The ones who died in the jungles of Vietnam enjoyed no such retirement DBoon Nov 2019 #80
Wow , What a Great Comment on your part ritapria Nov 2019 #101
Joe Biden trashes Millennials: 'Give me a break' Celerity Nov 2019 #65
And the bogey man you should be fighting is the repug party, not Dem boomers. brush Nov 2019 #78
I brought up that remark as an example of the type of mindset redqueen Nov 2019 #83
Blaming an entire generation is the wrong response too. We watched Nixon and... brush Nov 2019 #87
And this is why young people have no patience. redqueen Nov 2019 #88
And yet you're still not protesting against trump and for the environment. brush Nov 2019 #89
Somehow you're not getting the point of what I'm trying to say. redqueen Nov 2019 #90
That's for sure. Do something rather than complaint about older generations brush Nov 2019 #91
I'm over 50 - why do ppl keep making this personal? redqueen Nov 2019 #106
Weren't you the one talking about...ok boomer? BTW i'm nearly 70 and still attend... brush Nov 2019 #107
What boomers? And who am I fighting? I merely replied to the poster Celerity Nov 2019 #99
you spent all that time trashing Joe but you didn't bother to read the question he was answering CreekDog Nov 2019 #97
Ridiculous. Or as we like to say at DU: Links? Hekate Nov 2019 #48
Maybe age and health ought to be considered when electing a president, with no idea what Jewls2 Nov 2019 #8
Only the ones who vote count, though. And of the rest who Hortensis Nov 2019 #37
The youth mobilized to elect Obama redqueen Nov 2019 #41
Yes, more DID vote, and they became part of something great. Hortensis Nov 2019 #51
Plenty of older voters don't vote either. redqueen Nov 2019 #60
Those who look more wisely know they're joining a battle Hortensis Nov 2019 #62
Not sure why you're making this personal. redqueen Nov 2019 #69
"We have literally stolen their future"? No, WE have not. Hortensis Nov 2019 #70
I agree. I am mostly around young adults. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #71
Exactly. redqueen Nov 2019 #82
It does not matter a whit if he's a boomer or not. He's honourable and a Democrat, a good person. nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2019 #2
Yes. All of our candidates are honorable and Democrats. MineralMan Nov 2019 #3
The entire list of 1960s figures was almost empty of boomers, (I know Biden isn't one of those). braddy Nov 2019 #5
Quite Interesting treestar Nov 2019 #28
It always amazes me that people attribute 1960s/1970s entertainment, foreign affairs, government, braddy Nov 2019 #29
Yep. treestar Nov 2019 #31
I find that "ok boomer" expression extremely obnoxious. I was born in 1948, you in 1945.... George II Nov 2019 #6
I thought it was funny. No biggie. I thought it funny when Booker said Joe must have been high. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #9
What bothers me about it is that some younger people use it as a derogatory term. George II Nov 2019 #11
Ya, whatever. I know thru many conversation with youth, there are times when I tell them Jewls2 Nov 2019 #14
I wouldn't worry about it because it depends on the context JonLP24 Nov 2019 #22
Thanks for that. "Boomer" is most definitely not derogatory. redqueen Nov 2019 #42
I thought Booker's quip was rude, immature, and most unpresidential--more in a Trumpian vein than emmaverybo Nov 2019 #18
Mmm, and I thought it funny, good nature and nothing like vindictive, crude, vulgar, vile Trump. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #24
Rude and unpresidential, so yes in that way. Manner is important as are a modicum of manners. emmaverybo Nov 2019 #47
Nah. I have heard Biden *gasp* joke too. Seems good for some, not for others. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #50
Never heard Biden make a cheap joke at another's expense, one that jabs at an Achilles heel. Castro emmaverybo Nov 2019 #53
We disagree. Elitist anyone? Jewls2 Nov 2019 #56
Instead of rebutting, you took a shot at me. Exactly what I see Booker as having done, though emmaverybo Nov 2019 #57
I did not take a shot at you. You stated Biden doesn't go after the Democratic candidates. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #59
Calling her an elitist is not a cheap joke or a personally demeaning jab, though it is a emmaverybo Nov 2019 #61
"Calling her an elitist is not a cheap joke or a personally demeaning jab" Jewls2 Nov 2019 #66
No more than her saying he was in the wrong party. I expounded at length on emmaverybo Nov 2019 #75
It all depends on how much snark is behind it. GemDigger Nov 2019 #64
It was a joke. Every one laughed but Biden supporters. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #68
I don't give a shit if it was a joke. I chuckled at first and then I groaned with how terrible it GemDigger Nov 2019 #72
You chuckled at first cause it was funny. That would be my point. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #73
Politically speaking he may have been wise to keep his GemDigger Nov 2019 #74
As a pothead for Joe, I recommend lighten up tirebiter Nov 2019 #45
I wouldn't have thought it funny if he asked Joe if he were drunk. Pot is not the point. He got a emmaverybo Nov 2019 #49
I suggest boomers come right back at the caller with "Dude! You're so AWESOME!" . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2019 #12
HAH! Love that, thanks. George II Nov 2019 #16
In 1948 we were still 2 years away from our next bloody war, the forgotten one. braddy Nov 2019 #15
Thank you, braddy. Haggis for Breakfast Nov 2019 #39
"I find that "ok boomer" expression extremely obnoxious" left-of-center2012 Nov 2019 #26
my boomer brother and i find the whole thing hilarious. so when we make mistakes on the never Kurt V. Nov 2019 #33
That's the spirit redqueen Nov 2019 #43
I am a Boomer. I think that it is hilarious. I doesn't make me angry. Blue_true Nov 2019 #58
Movements that drew their widest participation and came into the main stream because of boomers: emmaverybo Nov 2019 #79
The oldest Boomers were 17 when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Blue_true Nov 2019 #95
Many boomers joined SNCC , Many protested across campuses for black emmaverybo Nov 2019 #98
Ok boomer. Voltaire2 Nov 2019 #13
Ok Boomer ismnotwasm Nov 2019 #17
I have never heard of the silent generation. dewsgirl Nov 2019 #19
It's interesting. Here's some info: MineralMan Nov 2019 #20
Because they are that silent. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #25
"the silent generation" left-of-center2012 Nov 2019 #27
I'm a card-carrying member of the Silent Generation. b 1935 Thirties Child Nov 2019 #38
The Silent Generation CountAllVotes Nov 2019 #102
Just another label. Or sound bite. LakeArenal Nov 2019 #21
Proud to be of that generation, born in 44! Catamount Nov 2019 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author Thekaspervote Nov 2019 #34
The GREATEST was our parents, elleng Nov 2019 #36
Nope, the Silent Generation followed the Greatest Generation. virgogal Nov 2019 #44
Careful though some would say treestar Nov 2019 #32
Guess I'm a silent/boomer, born '45, elleng Nov 2019 #35
oh, you're definitely a boomer aidbo Nov 2019 #40
The dynamic here is interesting. 'Your generation is full of snowflakes.' redqueen Nov 2019 #46
If a person is being belittled and categorized because of their age, it would be offensive. Chemisse Nov 2019 #55
You think "Boomer" is analogous to "piece of shit"? redqueen Nov 2019 #67
LOL - I'm sure you're right. Chemisse Nov 2019 #76
I thought it funny then, and ya. Now. Wow. I am with you. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #63
The single most privileged and catered-to Codeine Nov 2019 #81
So very well said. redqueen Nov 2019 #84
I find it rude & condescending at a minimum and depending on the context, offensive. MichMan Nov 2019 #85
Wait. . . so now just using Codeine Nov 2019 #86
Great reply. nt Celerity Nov 2019 #100
Trump barely makes the Boomer cut, born at the start in 1946 Polybius Nov 2019 #92
It's not the generation. It's the individual. MineralMan Nov 2019 #93
#NotAllBoomers nt Codeine Nov 2019 #103
LOL! MineralMan Nov 2019 #104
This generational stuff is nonsense. nsd Nov 2019 #94
Exactly. It's all BS. IluvPitties Nov 2019 #105
Stop messing with people's ability to call someone an out-of-touch old person. Iggo Nov 2019 #96
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