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Democratic Primaries

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Fri Nov 1, 2019, 05:30 PM Nov 2019

I'm saddened over the end of Beto O'Rourke's campaign. [View all]

I held my tongue regarding supporting a candidate, but I was intrigued by him.

But I never understood why he never took off and why candidates like Buttigieg and Yang became media darlings.

I will vote for the Democratic nominee to get rid of Trump, but it'll be like getting root canal; you don't want it, but you have to do it.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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It's fucked up. dalton99a Nov 2019 #1
+1 TexasTowelie Nov 2019 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author pinkstarburst Nov 2019 #19
In fairness customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #44
he was "Bobby Kennedy" lapfog_1 Nov 2019 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #27
the swearing was a big turn-off for many CountAllVotes Nov 2019 #42
The problem was that, before El Paso, he was a "no-issue" candidate... brooklynite Nov 2019 #66
You conveniently ignored his detailed climate change plan which he announced in April. dalton99a Nov 2019 #74
I'm willing to bet if you asked 100 voters.... brooklynite Nov 2019 #75
He talked about it wherever he went - e.g. look at his videos in Iowa dalton99a Nov 2019 #76
Sorry too. Especially liked his guts with gun issue, but don't think he was seasoned enough. n/t Hoyt Nov 2019 #3
Buttigieg received a total of 8,515 votes in his most recent election. Beto: 4,045,632 votes. dalton99a Nov 2019 #4
This! RLG Nov 2019 #6
Completely meaningless metric to cite scheming daemons Nov 2019 #24
Apples and oranges customerserviceguy Nov 2019 #45
No idea why the media dumped Beto to make Pete their darling, redqueen Nov 2019 #5
Me too. He speaks to my head and heart on gun violence. BeckyDem Nov 2019 #7
Wait, you're comparing voting for the Dem nominee to a root canal? cwydro Nov 2019 #8
Bizarre comment RhodeIslandOne Nov 2019 #10
I didn't say I wasn't going to vote. RLG Nov 2019 #12
No, you compared voting for a Democratic candidate to a root canal. cwydro Nov 2019 #13
Why is this a problem for you? RLG Nov 2019 #15
I think it's your problem, that you have so little enthusiasm for our Democratic candidates. cwydro Nov 2019 #16
So, you're getting personal because I haven't posted since 2002? RLG Nov 2019 #17
I said nothing personal. cwydro Nov 2019 #21
I don't see why a person has to be 'enthusiastic' about voting. pangaia Nov 2019 #30
Yeah, I think it's the root canal comparison that really gets me. That being said - cwydro Nov 2019 #32
I can 100% understand why you would be psyched.. And glad for you both ! :)) pangaia Nov 2019 #33
It's bizarre that that every one of the remaining candidates you find that distasteful. n/m RhodeIslandOne Nov 2019 #18
I don't find anyone "distasteful" RLG Nov 2019 #22
Root canal? That's pretty distasteful. RhodeIslandOne Nov 2019 #25
I was a Stacey Abrams fan. RLG Nov 2019 #37
You've mentioned Buttigieg several times. cwydro Nov 2019 #41
Why does this matter to you that I mentioned him? RLG Nov 2019 #43
I agree with RLG... El Supremo Nov 2019 #40
Yeah, that struck me as odd, too. nt tblue37 Nov 2019 #56
This is a bizarre comment RhodeIslandOne Nov 2019 #11
I don't hate anyone. RLG Nov 2019 #14
I wish Al Franken was running. StevieM Nov 2019 #20
I agree about Franken.. don't really know Steyer... pangaia Nov 2019 #35
I thought so too BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #55
I'm with you, RLG! Cha Nov 2019 #23
Surely you don't feel that voting for a Dem nominee is like a root canal? cwydro Nov 2019 #29
I'm sorry you thought my "root canal" reference was extreme RLG Nov 2019 #38
I support your opinion. I don't agree much but LakeArenal Nov 2019 #53
This site is overrun with self appointed commissars, for your own sanity don't engage just ignore Marengo Nov 2019 #61
It's not a word choice I would've used but it's your opinion and you're entitled to it MustLoveBeagles Nov 2019 #62
So sorry to hear Beto is leaving the campaign... sacto95834 Nov 2019 #26
That "young charismatic leader" is Buttigieg, I guess. Whatever. RLG Nov 2019 #39
Pete is fantastic! You are so right. Tipperary Nov 2019 #46
I am too; I like him and he has a lot to offer - The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2019 #28
I had a feeling this would happen MustLoveBeagles Nov 2019 #31
Me too.. Mike Nelson Nov 2019 #34
I have a few very close friends in El Paso....people who's opinions I respect... pangaia Nov 2019 #36
I was a first day donor to Beto and got a really nice e-mail from the campaign Gothmog Nov 2019 #47
He ran a positive campaign. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck to him. Capt. America Nov 2019 #48
I'm glad he quit. His gun confiscation plan was and is a disaster. aikoaiko Nov 2019 #49
Now you can safely commune with the most important thing in your life dalton99a Nov 2019 #50
Beto was coming for my waffle maker, too? aikoaiko Nov 2019 #57
+1000000 BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #60
Yep. Gun fetishists didn't like that at all. BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #59
Well it was Beto who thought ARs were imbued with powers unlike other guns aikoaiko Nov 2019 #67
I hope the next President makes him czar of guns n/m RhodeIslandOne Nov 2019 #68
That's the ticket . aikoaiko Nov 2019 #69
Perhaps he could be appointed to head the ATF MustLoveBeagles Nov 2019 #70
He coulda been a contenda tirebiter Nov 2019 #51
The biggest thing I lament is the potential of Texas 38 electoral votes. Amimnoch Nov 2019 #52
O'Rourke was one of Sirota's early victims BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #54
He was ratfucked big time by Sirota. dalton99a Nov 2019 #73
I will miss his passion. snacker Nov 2019 #58
He is not a politician. He is a civil rights leader. He used his campaigns for visibility. McCamy Taylor Nov 2019 #63
His moral principled positions on immigration and gun violence andym Nov 2019 #64
How sad for you... brooklynite Nov 2019 #65
I will vote for the Democratic nominee whoever it is. RLG Nov 2019 #71
Thankfully Beto won't consider voting for the nominee to be like getting root canal Kaleva Nov 2019 #72
He had a good chance to win in Texas as a Senate run. He had no chance for the beachbumbob Nov 2019 #77
I really liked his genuineness. blm Nov 2019 #78
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