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18. I got sick while on vacation in NY.
Sun Sep 15, 2019, 05:06 PM
Sep 2019

I drove to the nearest walk-in clinic, where I had a medical emergency. They called an ambulance to take me to the nearest Emergency Room, ten minutes away. In my distressed state I didn’t notice that I was in a private ambulance. What kind of idiotic clinic would call for a private ambulance? I was lucky to survive the trip to the ER. I found out it was private two weeks later when I got a $1200 bill for the ten-minute ride. All they did was start a saline-drip IV and hook me up to a monitor. The VA, which is usually pretty good at covering ER visits, wouldn’t cover the private ambo ride. All I could manage was getting a 10% discount from the private ambo company for being a veteran. How generous of them!
We sure have one messed up healthcare system! Too many greedy people poised and ready to take advantage of us when we’re at our most vulnerable.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Nowhere near as serious as others, but... HerbChestnut Sep 2019 #1
At one time I had insurance with a high deductible treestar Sep 2019 #2
Wow Bev54 Sep 2019 #7
200,000. Out of network cost when my husband had a massive stroke almost 3 years ago. onecaliberal Sep 2019 #3
The ones for medications that Medicare considers to be "off-label" and won't cover. greatauntoftriplets Sep 2019 #4
Small but still absurd Runningdawg Sep 2019 #5
It is absurd to receive any bill Bev54 Sep 2019 #6
We US citizens are the ones who are absurd for doing nothing about it. Sneederbunk Sep 2019 #8
In 1991, I contracted viral encephalitis. I was driving across the MineralMan Sep 2019 #9
Hard to decide. I had a panic attack that I mistook for a heart attack several years ago Politicub Sep 2019 #10
Took care of my Wellstone ruled Sep 2019 #11
After my son was born... JoeOtterbein Sep 2019 #12
The time the insurance company said the general anesthesia for the spinal surgery wasn't covered. WhiskeyGrinder Sep 2019 #13
Mom in a rehab center and she needed her toe nails clipped. They charged $25 per toe. $250. n/t zackymilly Sep 2019 #14
$10,000 for 5 or 6 hours in the hospital Bradical79 Sep 2019 #15
Also the other direction... $4.08 keithbvadu2 Sep 2019 #16
I've had a few, but they were mistakes. Iggo Sep 2019 #17
I got sick while on vacation in NY. DCofVA Sep 2019 #18
I was ill after my last child Bettie Sep 2019 #19
I've never gotten an absurd medical bill. elocs Sep 2019 #20
$250 out of network for an emergency room visit while on a business trip. Blue_true Sep 2019 #21
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