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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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97. What are you worried about?
Tue Jul 30, 2019, 07:50 PM
Jul 2019


If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
I read this when it first came out, and it's not really a smear job, but leaves out... TreasonousBastard Jul 2019 #1
How do you fully trust someone who "let it play out" by fighting to keep innocent people in prison? Jake Stern Jul 2019 #3
Sadly, it's a problem. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2019 #5
It's disqualifying. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2019 #12
Lol StarfishSaver Jul 2019 #21
That's the strategy! BannonsLiver Jul 2019 #89
I'm not gonna go that far, but, it doesn't matter...Kamala's not going to be the Democratic nominee. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2019 #23
Have to agree with you there. ucrdem Jul 2019 #26
Yes, Kamala is probably also out for VP consideration. Not sure though Joe InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2019 #41
I don't mean this to sound rude, but... zanana1 Jul 2019 #90
What are you worried about? Control-Z Jul 2019 #97
I'm worried about his age. zanana1 Jul 2019 #98
So you're younger than Warren, eh? Control-Z Jul 2019 #99
Bout like trusting someone who teamed up with segregationists to keep their Hoyt Jul 2019 #6
Sorry, but some very serious concerns here and this article not the first or last to raise them.NT emmaverybo Jul 2019 #72
I never found anything progressive about her - Just a typical prosecutor 4now Jul 2019 #2
Almost no prosecutor would be considered a progressive prosecutor. pnwmom Jul 2019 #4
Excellent point. Blue_true Jul 2019 #7
In her 2019 memoir she represents herself as a progressive DA and AG. ucrdem Jul 2019 #8
When she was a prosecutor, she wasn't progressive by DU STANDARDS, but I can believe pnwmom Jul 2019 #10
She had a scheme to criminally prosecute parents of chronically absent elementary school students. ucrdem Jul 2019 #14
that's patently untrue bigtree Jul 2019 #17
Only your subject line is untrue. The rest confirms exactly what I posted. nt ucrdem Jul 2019 #18
She didn't have a "scheme" to criminally prosecute these parents. She successfully pnwmom Jul 2019 #24
It leaves out an enormous amount of context. ismnotwasm Jul 2019 #20
I don't think ANY prosecutor could be progressive by DU standards, by definitions StarfishSaver Jul 2019 #22
I agree, StarfishSaver. I also think that having been a prosecutor is a part of her resume pnwmom Jul 2019 #25
+1 StarfishSaver Jul 2019 #27
But she's running as a progressive, remember? ucrdem Jul 2019 #28
She IS a progressive. But she's not 100% pure progressive, and that's what most of DU expects. pnwmom Jul 2019 #29
Now she is. But now she's a senator from California. ucrdem Jul 2019 #32
Which CA prosecutors were more progressive than she was? Can you name some? n/t pnwmom Jul 2019 #35
Which ran for President on their "progressive prosecutor" laurels? ucrdem Jul 2019 #37
She is the #3 most progressive Senator in the Senate, and she was as progressive pnwmom Jul 2019 #38
That's some impressive pretzel! ucrdem Jul 2019 #39
Biden wrote regressive regulations into the crime bill which tied prosecutors' hands bigtree Jul 2019 #42
Now you're trying to blame Biden for Harris's lackluster record? ucrdem Jul 2019 #43
It seems hypocritical to criticize a prosecutor for acting as a prosecutor pnwmom Jul 2019 #46
LOL, who is not criticizing Biden? Anyone? ucrdem Jul 2019 #47
keep up bigtree Jul 2019 #49
You're actually blaming Biden for her lousy record. ucrdem Jul 2019 #50
you keep saying that bigtree Jul 2019 #55
prosecuting people with illegal evidence is not "enforcing" laws questionseverything Jul 2019 #58
you misrepresented the issue bigtree Jul 2019 #62
what part are you sayng isn't true? questionseverything Jul 2019 #64
the part about Harris prosecuting people with illegal evidence bigtree Jul 2019 #67
article says, her deputies knew and she went to court to keep the convictions in tact questionseverything Jul 2019 #94
the article is full of shit bigtree Jul 2019 #95
Harris decided to dismiss cases of about 1000 people because of concerns pnwmom Jul 2019 #66
Apparently she had to after contesting the ruling and losing. nt ucrdem Jul 2019 #69
The ruling didn't require her to dismiss all 1000 cases. pnwmom Jul 2019 #76
+1 bigtree Jul 2019 #77
illegal prosecutions are not what normal prosecutors do..at least i hope not questionseverything Jul 2019 #57
That is a crucial and overlooked point here Hav Jul 2019 #83
exactly questionseverything Jul 2019 #93
Okay, thanks for this. Now I have to decide whether she can run an entire country. YOHABLO Jul 2019 #9
If she's selecting soft targets where there's no socially acceptable defense, ucrdem Jul 2019 #11
Here are links to 3 other threads posted here at DU Kaleva Jul 2019 #13
Thank you, those will make very interesting reading I'm sure. ucrdem Jul 2019 #15
Site search works well. It took just a couple of minutes. Kaleva Jul 2019 #16
The NPR piece didn't mention DU ucrdem Jul 2019 #19
In my era, progressive lawyers became marybourg Jul 2019 #30
who does that leave to prosecute predatory lenders, bigtree Jul 2019 #52
Not-so-progressive lawyers. marybourg Jul 2019 #68
this prosecutor bigtree Jul 2019 #75
Mahalo, ucr.. Harris & Booker are busy Cha Jul 2019 #31
Aloha Cha! ucrdem Jul 2019 #34
Mahalo! And, of course, this wouldn't Cha Jul 2019 #40
Exactly. ucrdem Jul 2019 #48
Aloha, Cha and Mahalo for pointing this important fact out. Booker and Harris have "brought it emmaverybo Jul 2019 #74
Yeah, so horrible... going after Cha Jul 2019 #80
It's an opinion piece published 7 months ago. The information at the sources the op-ed writer cites lapucelle Jul 2019 #33
The NPR interview updates the op-ed and is from Friday: ucrdem Jul 2019 #36
How did an interview update an op-ed piece? lapucelle Jul 2019 #44
Did you listen to it? ucrdem Jul 2019 #45
Nope. Did you read the actual news stories that the claims are based on? lapucelle Jul 2019 #51
20 minutes. I guess you didn't listen to it. ucrdem Jul 2019 #54
The program is 54 minutes long. Did you read the news stories that she linked to? N/T lapucelle Jul 2019 #60
Where did you find those links? ucrdem Jul 2019 #61
They were Bazelon's links in the NYT editorial. N/T lapucelle Jul 2019 #63
Okay the embedded links. And what are you disputing? ucrdem Jul 2019 #65
Compare the news stories to her characterizations of the events. N/T lapucelle Jul 2019 #87
This is really disturbing news. nt oasis Jul 2019 #53
lol bigtree Jul 2019 #56
What has Harris said about this? Has she addressed it? DemocracyMouse Jul 2019 #59
California's governor should allow more sensitive DNA testing, Kamala Harris said bigtree Jul 2019 #70
This was AFTER she'd disallowed it while in office. That's Bazelon's point. nt ucrdem Jul 2019 #71
"two previous DNA tests concluded Cooper was the killer" bigtree Jul 2019 #73
She admits in her own letter she refused to allow advanced DNA testing "her entire time" ucrdem Jul 2019 #78
I'm not blaming her bigtree Jul 2019 #81
Kevin Cooper is not a good example to push for DNA testing. I will allow that if she was thoroughly emmaverybo Jul 2019 #82
She will be prepared to treestar Jul 2019 #91
even IF true I don't give a flying fuck. sorry not sorry NYT EveHammond13 Jul 2019 #79
i dont know the details of these cases but Im sure there were alot of pressures and complications.. honest.abe Jul 2019 #84
This will come up in the debate Gothmog Jul 2019 #85
And she will answer it with no problem. honest.abe Jul 2019 #86
probably not by Biden bigtree Jul 2019 #88
And she will be prepared treestar Jul 2019 #92
Politifact California: Criminal justice reformer, or defender of the status quo? The record is mixed ucrdem Jul 2019 #96
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