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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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35. Do your research. Hume is a winger from way bcck.
Tue May 21, 2019, 10:00 PM
May 2019

He might be a never trumper but make no mistake, he's way to the right. And IMO he's trying some reverse pyschology by praising the mayor—get Dems divided.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
trump must really piss him off. nt FoxNewsSucks May 2019 #1
This ... left-of-center2012 May 2019 #2
Reverse psychology brush May 2019 #3
"praising him for what reason?" mitch96 May 2019 #4
Good points. Very good points. brush May 2019 #7
Horse shit leftofcool May 2019 #12
"If you don't like Pete just say so" mitch96 May 2019 #16
My opinion, too. I think they're trying to help Biden's rivals for the nomination. His strongest highplainsdem May 2019 #19
Splitting the vote is nothing new.. mitch96 May 2019 #21
Hume is not an "extreme right winger". I'm sure he'll never get a White House invite. oldsoftie May 2019 #13
Are you serious? I've seen him many times on FOX expounding winger views. brush May 2019 #23
No true right winger ever compliments ANY Democrat, especially one running for Pres. oldsoftie May 2019 #25
Do your research. Hume is a winger from way bcck. brush May 2019 #35
So even though I hate Fox, I'm watching the townhall via youtube, ecstatic May 2019 #5
Sometimes there aren't sinister motives behind Hav May 2019 #10
EXACTLY! But i see it EVERY day here. Its a conspiracy!!!! oldsoftie May 2019 #14
Brit Hume... Partisan D May 2019 #6
Well, what more proof than Buttigieg sounds like an R? And Hume elitist in toto. snowy owl May 2019 #8
Nonsense Hav May 2019 #9
Bullshit nt Celerity May 2019 #11
Oh for Gods sake. Shit like this is how trump gets re elected. oldsoftie May 2019 #15
What are you smoking? concreteblue May 2019 #17
How does Buttigieg "sound like an R?" cwydro May 2019 #18
LOL! Hume criticized Mayor Pete's policies, just praised his presence, comparing him highplainsdem May 2019 #20
Your comment is noted, comrade. (nt) Paladin May 2019 #22
Spot on. cwydro May 2019 #24
HA! oldsoftie May 2019 #26
One post in three months... TwilightZone May 2019 #28
He's gaslighting. Who gives a crap what he says? Beakybird May 2019 #27
Oh dear. I seem to have rattled some cages. And I thought DU was a place to talk politics. LOL. snowy owl May 2019 #29
Don't take it personally, it is a place to talk politics Hav May 2019 #33
Calling our candidates Republicans is frowned upon. Tipperary May 2019 #34
Whatever Fox's motives might be, I think this is a huge positive for Mayor Pete and for us as well mtnsnake May 2019 #30
Just to confirm: no candidate should go on Fox because they'll be beaten up for Republican purposes brooklynite May 2019 #31
Scarborough praised him as well. Right wingers like him. nt m-lekktor May 2019 #32
Wasn't aware of Pete's position on reparations. Interesting. SMC22307 May 2019 #36
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