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K&R nt 99th_Monkey Aug 2015 #1
K&R JackInGreen Aug 2015 #2
I've said it before FlatBaroque Aug 2015 #3
Thank you, but watching this campaign, see DU's Bernie Supporters' donations to Bernie eg, sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #5
K&R. Thanks. Sabrina I, you are wonderful. The best of the best. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #4
Look how young that crowd is in the last pic corkhead Aug 2015 #6
Dear Sabrina 1 Phlem Aug 2015 #7
And so are you phlem. I like that Bernie still thinks we the people do still have the power sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #37
+1 Phlem Aug 2015 #43
Its damn near effortless to get people to vote for Bernie d_legendary1 Aug 2015 #8
If they're watching fox, they're probably not voting in the Democratic primary anyway. merrily Aug 2015 #52
I just gave Bernie They_Live Aug 2015 #9
Thank you, thank you! Another awesome Bernie supporter! sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #24
Yay, Bernie and yay, Bernie supporters! Enthusiast Aug 2015 #10
Sanders has attracted amazing people to his campaign staff Babel_17 Aug 2015 #11
You are amazing, sabrina 1 MissDeeds Aug 2015 #12
And you too MissDeeds! Love your posts, love to see your handle on DU! sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #25
K&R I love seeing the excitement he generates. Live and Learn Aug 2015 #13
Thank you for this post and everything that you are doing, Sabrina! BeanMusical Aug 2015 #14
Thank you for being part of Bernie's awesome army of supporters, BeanMusical! sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #46
Here's to being unreasonable, white-supremacist, Volvo-driving, TBF Aug 2015 #15
Lol, in a way I feel sorry for those who are being paid to come up with negative ads, negative sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #27
Speaking of the power of money, is this the elite theme song? hedda_foil Aug 2015 #35
It could be! Lol! Have you seen the songs written for Bernie in Catherina's thread? They are sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #47
I haven't seen them. Thanks for the tip! hedda_foil Aug 2015 #54
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Aug 2015 #16
aww shucks retrowire Aug 2015 #17
And you are one of the best of Bernie's supporters retrowire. sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #26
:D n/t retrowire Aug 2015 #30
It is a sight to see, these People RobertEarl Aug 2015 #18
I think you are right. I didn't think it would happen to be honest, so I'm truly amazed sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #48
Super-Duper Post, sabrina 1!!! SoapBox Aug 2015 #19
Wow, that would be outstanding, 100,000 people! I have no doubt he can do that. Omaha Steve is sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #38
Go Bernie Go - No Citizen Need Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Aug 2015 #20
exactly cantbeserious, and we don't have to, thanks to Bernie! sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #31
Bernie!! AzDar Aug 2015 #21
Thank you sabrina for all of your posts. nm rhett o rick Aug 2015 #22
Rhett, another great Bernie supporter, thank YOU for all you do Rhett. Always been one of my sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #32
The Oligarchs should be worried... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #23
And spread OWS all over the globe. Instead of just a week in one city, it spread like wildfire sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #28
News is supposed to be boring and inform, not entertain.... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2015 #33
Bring back REAL journalists, otherwise they can continue to lose ratings and the people will simply sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #39
Awesome!! Rosa Luxemburg Aug 2015 #29
Sabrina, has anyone told you lately how wonderful you are? Catherina Aug 2015 #34
Thank you, Catherina, a GREAT DUer and Bernie Supporter who I know has made so many people sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #40
You make me blush Catherina Aug 2015 #49
Bernie is amazing libodem Aug 2015 #36
Someone needed to say it, and to keep repeating it until it becomes so much a part of every campaign sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #41
K&R Paka Aug 2015 #42
you're amazing! marym625 Aug 2015 #44
So are you, Mary! We missed you while you were away! And your thread is just wonderful! sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #45
big K & R LiberalLovinLug Aug 2015 #50
K&R raouldukelives Aug 2015 #51
Thank you, sabrina 1. However, I must admit: Being an enthusiastic Bernie supporter is easy. merrily Aug 2015 #53
K&R#186 n/t bobthedrummer Aug 2015 #55
99% of my favorite DUers are supporting the candidate of the 99% carolinayellowdog Aug 2015 #56
'Bernie's touching something in the American electorate that I wasn't sure was there' sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #58
Thanks, sabrina 1 for all your wonderful Bernie posts! Dont call me Shirley Aug 2015 #57
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