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Bernie Sanders

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3. Everyone needs to stop pretending politicians don't know what Americans want.
Thu Jun 23, 2016, 08:46 AM
Jun 2016

Good stewardship of our tax dollars, including a fair, progressive tax system
Physical safety without excessive infringement on the bill of rights--because if you and yours are dead, you don't need much from politicians. (BTW, this includes safety from LEO)
Peace and a nation that deals honorably with other nations, both of which usually improve your chances of physical safety and allow you to sleep at night
Clean air and water, affordable, healthy food and slowing global warming to the greatest possible extent
Affordable housing
Free, good education from at least k through 12, but preferably pre-K as well
Free or affordable education beyond that
Jobs with decent wages and benefits, including a right to unionize
Ideally, parks, museums, libraries and other "extras" that nourish mind, body and soul
Fraud free dealings with privates businesses and with our government

Does the above list sound like basics that anyone who claims to be a public servant should be able to figure out?

Well, guess what, they have figured it out. They KNOW what you and I want/need. Now you figure out why this list does not look like the list of priorities of your city or town, state or federal government.

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