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4. But that would silence the voice of the majority.
Sun Jun 19, 2016, 07:58 PM
Jun 2016

After all, Hilliary got BILLIONS of more votes and THOUSANDS of more delegates than that old communist codger from Vermont.

Thanks for posting the links, Segami. Duval Jun 2016 #1
But... But ... SHE WON! (sarcasm) Chasstev365 Jun 2016 #2
You forgot ... ONE. MORE. DAY !!1!! senz Jun 2016 #6
But... Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #8
For some, it might well be a) the Democratic Party or b) the media or c) the world itself. senz Jun 2016 #13
Exactly. Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #22
I think I shall change it to this... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #18
K&R Censorship of vital issues about life or death felix_numinous Jun 2016 #3
But that would silence the voice of the majority. RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #4
Wrong! She got Gazillions more votes and millions more delegates.... nc4bo Jun 2016 #10
Yeah, and "brocialism" or something. Snarkoleptic Jun 2016 #16
Can you imagine the censorship to come if ... ? senz Jun 2016 #5
I know, and from tomorrow onwards sadoldgirl Jun 2016 #7
Me, too. Sounds like a plan. PWPippin Jun 2016 #11
Yes and thanks senz...,.. Segami Jun 2016 #15
See you there, dear. Liberal Jesus Freak Jun 2016 #17
Big Fat K&R!! nt nc4bo Jun 2016 #9
I know. SheilaT Jun 2016 #12
Dickery dock! tk2kewl Jun 2016 #14
Could we just stop the hate, period? At least on DU? snot Jun 2016 #19
Well, some people find facts offensive and alert Segami Jun 2016 #20
We are at war. The Big Money is killing, literally, many Americans. 2.5 million children are rhett o rick Jun 2016 #21
^^^+++ - hopemountain Jun 2016 #23
Picking battles carefully RobertEarl Jun 2016 #24
+1000 blackspade Jun 2016 #25
Just don't call her a llama fasttense Jun 2016 #26
Excellent thread Segami. thanks for this. eom Karma13612 Jun 2016 #27
I've been saddened to see it senz Jun 2016 #28
I posted an expression of aggravation against DWS re:her platform committee control and that comment JudyM Jun 2016 #29
One thing not to lose sight of is the reason Bernie is still working hard: Stevepol Jun 2016 #30
i made the mistake of signing in again floppyboo Jun 2016 #31
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