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Go see a certified Medicare counselor Taraman May 2022 #1
This - I have a local agent. They show you plans & options Lettuce Be May 2022 #13
Medicare Advantage certainly does your original Medicare and most include Part D prescriptions. DuaneT May 2022 #32
CANNOT AGREE MORE! Lulu KC May 2022 #19
How does one find a Medicare Counselor? groundloop May 2022 #29
Find your state SHIP office. Call them and normally someone can come to you. DuaneT May 2022 #33
Eat well, exercise randr May 2022 #2
Apply 3 months before your birthday. piddyprints May 2022 #3
Stay away from Medicare Advantage ciao_bella May 2022 #4
Some have great success with their advantage plan JustABozoOnThisBus May 2022 #20
I'm on regular Medicare Alice Kramden May 2022 #5
What supplement do you have? jmbar2 May 2022 #7
It's called Alice Kramden May 2022 #26
Thanks - I'll check it out. jmbar2 May 2022 #27
I found good information and assistance Alice Kramden May 2022 #30
None of the dental plans are worth a darn jmbar2 May 2022 #6
My dentist (my friend) advised me that the dental supplemental was not worth the cost. DURHAM D May 2022 #10
WOW! That's really high jmbar2 May 2022 #23
Now started on the uppers. DURHAM D May 2022 #24
Not sure about other countries jmbar2 May 2022 #28
The running joke in the 1st Austin Power's movies was that.... wolfie001 Jun 23 #43
I'm traditional Medicare KarenS May 2022 #8
Just curious: what state are you from and are you north or south of $400 total per month? wolfie001 Jun 23 #44
answer,,, Arizona KarenS Jun 23 #45
With my retirement, that may be problematic wolfie001 Jun 24 #46
I pay for a Medicare supplement plan Ritabert May 2022 #9
Seems like Advantage can jump up and bite your ass. DURHAM D May 2022 #11
have been on medicare for 6 years Triloon May 2022 #12
My medicare advantage plan MOMFUDSKI May 2022 #14
So it sounds like you're generally satisfied with your Advantage plan? groundloop May 2022 #15
Please read last week's snowybirdie May 2022 #16
So much disinformation DuaneT May 2022 #34
Not really snowybirdie May 2022 #37
Which they can do. They can also change any of Voltaire2 Jun 22 #42
Be wary of networks if you go Medicare Advantage. Not all doctors/facilities accept all plans. Midnight Writer May 2022 #17
This Auggie May 2022 #18
Medicare part D is stunningly horrible. Voltaire2 May 2022 #21
How so please? mahina Jun 21 #39
For starters you have to predict your Voltaire2 Jun 22 #40
Wow! I am finding it crazy that we'd be expected to predict our meds. mahina Jun 22 #41
I just turned 65 back in December LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #22
I'm still working so I only signed up for Medicare A dflprincess May 2022 #25
You do not have to sign up for Part B if the group is 20 or more employee's. DuaneT May 2022 #35
I have an Advantage plan, and it has been very good to me. PoindexterOglethorpe May 2022 #31
I think people trash it because their friends have a supplement that pays for everything. DuaneT May 2022 #36
Same here! Glad I found this thread. BlackSkimmer Jul 2022 #38
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