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9. Some hints.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 12:05 PM
Feb 2024

On desktop systems, you can often right-click or control-click to get an image's address on the web, to post in your message, but not on iOS.

Don't know about Android.

In this case, try to save the image to photos or screenshot it and save to photos (cuz some sites use JavaScript to prevent downloads of photos). And then upload the image to an image host.

Often, the link you get with a right or control click is not usable by DU's code, so again, download or snap the image and upload and post from an image hosting site.

My understanding is photos must be saved using a program like Imgur (there are others as well) and then you copy the MLAA Feb 2024 #1
The problem is that it is a post with several images. I get the detail off of Google, click on copy and then go to my DU CTyankee Feb 2024 #3
All photos must be saved first and then you copy the link, you may then post as many links as you MLAA Feb 2024 #5
If you just click "Copy image" then EarlG Feb 2024 #6
I know that for the National Gallery of Art, the photograph of mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2024 #2
If all else fails you can do a screen capture. Ocelot II Feb 2024 #4
You can NOT paste an image directly into DU post. You MUST paste a LINK to the image where it is hosted CurtEastPoint Feb 2024 #7
I understand that and that was what a thought I was doing. I used to be able to do that. CTyankee Feb 2024 #8
Give me an example of a link you would use please. Paste it in your reply and then also type it out with some spaces CurtEastPoint Feb 2024 #10
cannot do this CTyankee Feb 2024 #11
"it" is text...a link... it is not an image. Are you using a computer or what? CurtEastPoint Feb 2024 #13
my desktop CTyankee Feb 2024 #14
I would love to know the solution after computer wizard comes on Tues. Good luck! CurtEastPoint Feb 2024 #15
Some hints. usonian Feb 2024 #9
Thanks. my computer guy is coming Tuesday and I will show him your post. CTyankee Feb 2024 #12
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